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(The following contains NO SPOILERS for 'Captain America: Civil War.' Proceed with whatever level of throwing caution to the wind that suggests to you is wise.)

So. It's finally here.

Captain America: Civil War is now in theaters in the United States of America, and available to watch freely at our earliest (and likely often repeated) convenience. Which, since it's pretty darned fantastic, is downright excellent news. It does, however, necessitate the asking of a key question — one which has had to wait for a comprehensive answer for years now. That question?

Who's Side Are You On Now That You've Seen Captain America: Civil War?

Specifically, having now watched Cap and Iron Man (and their respective allies) beat the snot out of one another, whose side are you on? Team Cap, or Team Iron Man?

We need to know...


Which side are you now on having seen Civil War?

Don't go away just yet, though — because we've got a shiny follow up question too.

Namely, this one:


Did your side change after watching the movie?


The only thing left to do now?

Make sure to let us know exactly why you picked your side down in the comments (and whether you change your mind after repeat viewings)!


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