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Warning: Potential spoilers ahead for Game of Thrones TV show. Pick up your Needle and proceed with caution.

Like any rule, the best ones are made to be broken, and if Game of Thrones history is anything to go by, the third episode of Season 6, titled "Oathbreaker," is going to be an absolute beast.

Clocking in at 35 seconds, the short promo teaser is ram-jam packed full with glimpses of what we can expect when the episode airs on Sunday evening. Check it out:

Awesome, right?! Now, let's take a closer look:

1. What Do You Know, Jon Snow?

via HBO
via HBO

"They think you're some kind of God."

It's official! Jon Snow is back, alive and kicking. But, now what? Will he be the same after his journey to the underworld? Well, while we're still theorizing over what the next steps of Jon Snow 2.0 are, if Tormund Giantsbane's offering is anything to go by, the bastard child's resurrection will be turning some heads, at the very least.

2. No Face, No Fear

via HBO
via HBO

"If a girl is truly no one, then she has nothing to fear."

It appears as though Arya, whose position as a blind and brutally beaten beggar was blessedly revoked by Jaqen H'Ghar in Episode 2, is now back in the House of Black and White and coming into her own, staff in hand and ready to fight.

3. Could This Reek?

"I've got a gift for you."

While Ramsay's gift probably isn't dragon eggs or a "dwarf" by the name of Tyrion Lannister, something suggests that whatever package being delivered to this feral beast of a man isn't going to be pleasant viewing material. A human captive, perhaps? Has Reek been captured and returned? Or will this gift push them further towards their planned invasion of the Wall?

4. The Queen Of Nothing

via HBO
via HBO

Daenerys doesn't look too pleased about reaching Vaes Dothrak in this week's episode — and who can blame her? As we discovered in the first episode this season, the Mother of Dragons is destined to see the rest of her days out among the company of the the Dosh Khaleen, widows of fallen Khals. Personally, I'm feeling some sort of Sand-sisterhood revolution coming on, because when has Dany ever taken anything lying down? (Other than Jason Momoa, I mean).

5. Ding Dong, The shame Is Gone!

via HBO
via HBO

"If someone is planning on making our losses their gains, then I want to hear it."

Following her reunion with son, King Tommen, the cloak of shame seems to have slipped off Cersei. The stone cold Queen Bitch is back, re-energized and on the war path. But who will her victim be? The High Sparrow, perhaps? Ellaria Sand? Hell, all of Dorne?

Whoever the target is, we've already seen previews of the treats that poor soul has in store:

6. The Tower Of Joy

via HBO
via HBO

"Now it begins." "Now it ends."

As readers of the Game of Thrones novels will know, these mutterings sparked the start of one of Westeros's most historic battles: Eddard Stark and allies versus Arthur Dayne and the Targaryen Kingsguard, as Robert's Rebellion came to an end.

Observed by Bran Stark and the Three-Eyed Raven, it seems we're about to witness a number of Game-changers in this episode, which may not only lead up to some epic battle sequences, but shed light on a ton of unanswered questions lurking in the past.

What do you want answered in Episode 3 of Game of Thrones?


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