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This article contains images and language of an explicit nature. It is for mature audiences only.

Not only is The Sinful Dwarf a rare exploitation film from Denmark, it stars a little person! This was back in 1973 when they were called dwarfs. This may be the one and only dwarfsploitation film. And if you're into that sort of thing, it's pretty awesome.

What makes this such a curious and cool piece of movie weirdness? Let's look at a few things.

The Censored and Uncensored Versions!

Like many of these types of movies, there were a couple different versions of it. The original movie was called The Dwarf, and contained a couple of hardcore porn scenes. In America, the hardcore scenes were edited out and the movie was renamed The Sinful Dwarf, and later re-released under another name, The Abducted Bride. In 2016, a limited edition of both versions was released on Blu-ray by Severin Films.

The amazing story!

The movie begins with Olaf the Dwarf (that's his name in the credits) walking a toy dog on the streets of London. He meets a woman who pets the dog like it's real. Olaf says he has more toys at home. Apparently women in the 1970's don't think there's anything weird about a man walking a toy dog inviting her to his place to look at toys, so she says she'd like to see them. Olaf brings her up to a scary attic in the boarding house where he lives, and then knocks her out with his cane.

The girl is stripped naked and thrown into a room full of other naked women. Olaf and his mother Lilah (who owns the boarding house) force them to become addicted to heroin, and pimp them out as prostitutes.

Meanwhile, a nice couple named Mary and Peter move in to a room up in the attic next to the prostitution room. While Peter is at work, Mary puts on tight sweaters with no bras, and starts snooping around... You won't believe what happens next!


Olaf is played by Torben Bille. Even though he's the title character, he doesn't do a whole lot except wander around acting perverted. But man, what a pervert. He's awesome. He has a super creepy smile, a laugh to make your skin crawl, and he likes to make toys have sex with each other. He walks with a cane, and he uses the cane for everything (and yes, I mean everything). He alone makes the movie worth watching. He's over-the-top weird.

The musical numbers!

Olaf's mom, Lila, is an alcoholic former cabaret scar with a big fake scar on her face. When she's not pondering whether the girls locked upstairs are using too much heroin, she likes to call her friend Winnie over. Winnie gets knockered on gin so she can endure Lila dressing up in costumes and performing her old shows. For example, we get to see her imitate Carmen Miranda (I'm pretty sure the name of the song is "The Tu-Tu Bongo").

The sex!

This movie was made in 1973. Since it's also a sexploitation film, and it's about women forced into prostitution, there's a lot of softcore porn. The men never question the fact that there are multiple naked women in the sex room, some of them chained to the wall. They just pick a girl, go at it, and then leave.

Even the sex scenes are weird. And if you watch the XXX version with the hardcore elements, you are treated to a couple of bonus, but boring, shots of penetration and blow jobs. However, the mediocre sex scenes are more than made up for by the gloriously groovy music that accompanies the sex. More people should have soundtracks like that in their bedroom.

It's also funny to note the open sexism in the movie - it's an old-school straight guy's wet dream. The women all act pure and innocent and don't want to have sex... until they start getting it. Then they turn into lustful sluts who can't resist the sexual prowess of the loser dudes that have to pay for captive junkie whores in order to get laid.

The Drugs!

Lila and Olaf get their drugs from a toymaker called Santa Claus. Santa Claus hides packets of heroin in teddy bears, and gives them to Olaf. Olaf cuts open the teddy bears to remove the packets and make the heroin (there are sliced teddy bears laying around the building). Then he uses an old syringe to give small doses of heroin to the naked girls (he never changes the needle). The girls are always in withdrawal until Olaf gives them a shot, and then they writhe around like they're super horny.

The violence!

This has to be the most tame movie about abused, heroin-addicted prostitutes ever. One of my favorite scenes is when Lila dresses up like Marlene Dietrich and sings while whipping one of the girls. But you can clearly see that Lila is just waving the whip (which looks like a mop) through the air. There is a swoosh sound effect, and the girl screams. After a cut-away shot to one of the girls watching the scene in bored horror, we come back to the girl being whipped and see that a few red streaks have been painted on her.

And watch out for Olaf's cane. It may look small, but it's fierce.

Look. As a movie, this is terrible. The acting is non-existent. The script seems like it was made up as soon as the camera started rolling. For a horror movie, it's not one bit scary or suspenseful. You know the whole story about 10 minutes into the film. It's a lurid cinema artifact with no redeeming value. I sure hope aliens don't find this movie when they visit Earth.

And yet, this movie is funny as hell (even though it's not supposed to be). And it's weird as hell (which it is supposed to be). This means it's entertaining as hell. If you're into sleazy dwarfs, unrealistic forced prostitution, old women singing cabaret songs, and a story that makes no sense at all, then you have no choice but to watch this movie.

But wait! There's more! There's a trailer!


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