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Star Wars: The Force Awakens may have been one of, if not the, most anticipated movies ever! For years, we all wildly speculated over its contents. We gobbled up rumors like we were a horde of hungry Rathtars!

One of those rumors, which circulated the web multiple times, involved how the movie opened. We all remember the infamous Luke's hand rumor! In case you don't remember, the rumor stated that the movie would start with Luke Skywalker's severed hand drifting through space, clutching Anakin's light-saber.

Obviously that didn't end up making it into the movie. The eventual theatrical opening scene was a stunning homage to A New Hope. If you're like me, that opening solidified that The Force Awakens was the Star Wars movie we'd been waiting for, for 30 years, right from the get go!

However, we're all still a little curious about that handy dandy rumor, aren't we? Well The Verge has made a wonderful little YouTube video that fills that void quite nicely. Check it out:

Here's Mark Hamill's interview from the video:

The first thing that came into frame was a hand with a lightsaber, a severed hand. It enters the atmosphere and the hand burns away, and the bone, and everything burns away, and then *hooowhop* it goes sticking into the surface of Jakku, the desert planet that Rey lives on. Daisy Ridey's character.
And this alien hand comes in. I don't know if it was Maz! But it was an alien hand that takes the lightsaber away, and then movie proceeds as you see it.

Mark Hamill has confirmed that this was almost a thing! Thank goodness it wasn't! It would have made my four subsequent viewings a little less amazing! Or I wouldn't have cared, because, well, IT'S STAR WARS!

Something else to consider: Maz never discloses how she retrieved the saber that she gives to Finn. Mark says that hand may have been Maz's. This may still be the method in which Maz retrieves the famous weapon. Could Mark have spoiled a plot point by confirming this rumor? Could we still expect to see this scene in a future film?

What are your thoughts? Would the Luke's hand scene have been better? Worse? Tell me what you think in the comments!


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