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Back in March the CBS President/CEO, Les Moonves, announced that the network would be renewing all their freshman shows for 2016. However fans of Supergirl are still waiting for the news of a second series to be announced. Well the truth could be that Supergirl has simply been to expensive to make. According to The Wrap, CBS is balking at Warner Bros. television produced series which cost roughly $3 million-per-episode to make, the show may simply be dropped due to cost.

The Wire are also reporting that Moonves and Warner Bros. television chief Peter Roth are having a final meeting to discuss the show and its budget. If this can be resolved, CBS will be announcing Supergirl in their Fall lineup in roughly two weeks. However if they can not come to an agreement the show will be axed from CBS.

One option that is being reported to save on the budget is moving production for series two to Vancouver. The first series was produced in Los Angeles, but this alone would have seen a massive rise in budget demands of location use alone. Where Canada do have deals for production companies to make shows and movies in their country, it is a likely option to save the show.

Some fans will also be hoping for the production to shift over to the CW from CBS, which is co-owned between CBS and Warner Bros. This would then be the house of the Arrowverse and Supergirl. However being a smaller network would result in the budget being even more crucial to be picked up.


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