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Captain America Civil War is everything you want to see in a superhero movie, and more. It had thrilling action, intense drama, hilarious comedy, romance and much more. It will have you on the edge of your seat, it will have your heart racing and it will have you completely captivated and taken back by the end of the movie.

It's a Marvel movie, so you know it's gonna be good, but this time, Captain America: Civil War exceeded all expectations, of both comic fans and general movie lovers.

When it comes to Marvel you expect it to be just like the comics, mostly full of action, but this time it was a mix of what we see in DC as well. DC is known for its more emotional films, and this time Marvel had a touch of that aspect of DC in this movie.

It was action packed from start right to the bitter end, and full of hilarious one liners. Seeing the way all those different superheroes interacted and fought together was a hilarious highlight. It was the perfect balance of action and comedy.

The issue of superheroes causing havoc and destruction whenever they have to save the world has never been addressed before, but after the events of Avengers Age of Ultron, a treaty is put forward to prevent any further death and destruction, the Sokovia Accords. This sets the separation of the Avengers into motion.

The story line was so well was written and the plot was planned out so perfectly that it didn't just surprise movie fans, but some parts might seem shocking to comic fans as well. The way the parts that weren't in the comics appear in the movie, makes it fit perfectly in place with the rest of the story. There was a lot going in the movie, it seems like a very busy story, but the way the script is written makes it all seem well organised and in place.

The visual effects were stunning, and the fight scenes really did the comics justice, the stunts were incredibly well coordinated. Especially when it came to the epic climax, the final battle between Team Cap

and Team Iron Man.

They way they incorporated each outside character so craftfully into each team really brought the whole movie together. Especially the way the Black Panther (King T'Challa) ended up fighting against The Winter Soldier.

Spider man was like the Wonder Women of Civil War. When he entered the movie, the fun started and all eyes were on him. A lot of people didn't think Tom Holland was Spider man Material, but he sure proved all those who doubted him wrong, after all, Marvel never miscasts. This was his perfect debut into the MCU.

We all thought when Spidey entered, he would be the one who stole the show during the war, well we were wrong. It turned out to be none other than Antman who made a BIG impact on both teams and stole the show.

Once again all those insanely talented actors played their parts perfectly, and Each and every single one of them told their characters story splendidly. The most powerful shot in the movie, according to Co Director Joe Russo was one that Chris Evans worked very hard on, one in which you can actually feel Captain America's strength and determination. The scene was completely breathtaking and Chris did an amazing job throughout the entire movie.

I gotta give a special mention to Sebastian Stan, he was absolutely terrific. He was great in Captain America Winter Soldier too, but this time we saw a whole new side of Bucky and a whole new level of Sebastian's acting.

Seeing the different relationships be brought to light, be tested and broken were one of the best parts. We got to see a lot of Wanda (Scarlett Witch) and Vision's relationship, and their undeniable chemistry. Steve and Bucky seemed like they were going back to the friends they used to be before all of this, before Captain America.

but most importantly Steve and Tony.

Their relationship was pushed beyond its limits to the brink of extinction in this movie, just like we knew it would, but the reason why that happened, is not just because of what started the Civil War. The genius writers of the movie perfectly crafted a reason, an event in the past that would guarantee Tony Stark would want his friend dead, because of his loyalty to Bucky.

Bucky Barnes, The Winter Soldier murdered Howard and Maria Stark. Iron Man's parents.

The way Civil War ended was a huge cliffhanger, the next time we see the Avengers assembled will be in the Infinity War in 2018. So we're gonna have to wait another 2 years to see what happens between them.

This time we didn't just get 1 post credit teaser scene, we got 2. One might have been somewhat of a teaser of Black Panther, but more importantly, we got a Spiderman teaser at the very end.

Marvel has really outdone themselves this time, directors Anthony Russo and Joe Russo have set the bar very high for all upcoming superhero films. This movie has no flaws. This was without a doubt the best superhero film we have ever seen, and no, that is not an exaggeration.


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