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Captain America: Civil War is officially out and the public has made it's decision that the film is simply awesome. The effects and storyline are absolutely top notch and will have Marvel fans of every age watching in awe. That said, Spider-Man who was one of the new highly anticipated characters of the film did a great job at stealing the show. Tom Holland's portrayal is definitely one I look forward to seeing in future MCU films. With that covered I would like to touch up on how Tony Stark find out of Spider-Man in the film.

Warning: Major spoilers from Captain America: Civil War are ahead. Read at your own caution.

Assuming you have read my warning and have decided to continue I will dive into the topic.

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In the film, Peter Parker comes home from school to find (at his total surprise) Tony Stark and Aunt May having a conversation in his living room. Aunt May asks Peter why he has yet to tell her that he had won a grant from none other than Tony Stark. After a series of nonverbal expressions by Tony, Peter plays along like he knows what's going on. Tony then asks Aunt May if he could have five minutes with Peter so they could talk. Once inside Peter's bedroom, Tony reveals a set of videos of what seem to appear to be taken by security cameras. The videos contain Peter in his makeshift costumes performing outrages tasks such as catching a car that was going 40mph. Peter then covers the footage by claiming that the videos are from YouTube and are fakes. That said, through a series of hilarious events and statements Tony finds where Peter keeps his suit (it was attached to the top half of attic door in his room). After that, Peter realizes he has been found out and him and Tony have a hero to hero conversation.

The only question I have is how did Tony know that Spider-Man was in fact Peter Parker? After all, the footage only showed Spider-Man and not Peter Parker.

In a recent interview Robert Downey Jr. was asked about how he knew about Spider-Man. One of the directors Anthony Russo came to his rescue by stating,

In our storytelling he has been doing some things in New York, and there's these sort of Sasquatch like videos of what he's been doing are showing up. You've heard word of mouth, that's something is happening. That there's this very strange thing is happening. So it's kind of something that's in the rumor mill but nobody has been able to identify who exactly this is yet, or how it's happening, etc. But of course Tony Stark being Tony Stark, is one step ahead of everybody else.

With this answer there is still definitely room for stating the Tony Stark probably did in fact spy on Peter Parker. Who knows, maybe he knows of more these enhanced humans than we are lead to believe.

That's all I have. Check out the interview clip down below and feel free to leave a comment letting me know what you think.

Captain America: Civil War is now in theaters.


Was Tony Stark spying on Peter Parker?


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