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In last Tuesday's epic Flash episode, a lot went down. Barry was absorbed/became the Speed Force, Iris confessed her love for Barry, Wally and Jessie were exposed to the Speed Force, Henry Allen came back to Central City, and Henry may have just dropped one of the biggest bombs of the season: his mother's maiden name is Garrick. With an episode as explosive as this one, it was perfect for hiding an important reveal such as this one. Henry's quick comment is a bit of a throwaway line, but for those listening and paying attention, his reveal was perhaps the most pertinent piece of information in the entire episode. Of course, if Henry's mother's maiden name is Garrick, what does this mean for the Man in the Iron Mask?

Well, all season audiences have been clamoring for the identity of the mysterious man locked away in Zoom's lair, and many fan theories have been circulating the web attempting to decipher just who the Man in the Iron Mask could be. Personally, I hypothesized about 1/3 into the season that the REAL Jay Garrick was the man behind the mask, and that the "Jay" we knew was really Zoom, a.k.a. Hunter Zolomon. So far, we have learned that "Jay" was indeed Hunter Zolomon and that he was indeed pretending to be Jay Garrick, a.k.a. Earth-2 Flash, in order to give the world hope so that he may rip it away from them. The only thing yet to be revealed is the man's actual identity. Thanks to keen-eyed viewers, we do know the Man in the Iron Mask is indeed a white man with blonde hair, so that does help narrow down the options in the numerous theories surrounding his identity.

With all of this, along with Henry's massive reveal, could the Man in the Iron Mask indeed be the REAL Jay Garrick? Even more than that, could the REAL Jay Garrick be Barry's Earth-2 estranged relative? I don't think Jay will be revealed to be Barry's great-grandfather, but he could have some other relation. I think without a doubt, the Man in the Iron Mask is in fact Jay Garrick, but figuring out the relation to Barry Allen is another piece of the puzzle still left to be determined. Also, no matter who the Man in the Iron Mask is, the question still remains, why keep him alive?


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