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***Be warned! You are now entering a spoiler filled article about Captain America: Civil War. Proceed with caution***

Captain America: Civil War has hit theaters and with no surprise, is a big success and will probably be the big powerhouse of the summer box office. I know its only May and we have the rest of June, July and August to look forward to but no movie was more advertised and hype up more Captain America: Civil War. Not only do we get to see our favorite Avengers duke it out but we also get an introduction to fan favorites Black Panther and Spider-Man, who always brings in the box office numbers.

I recently saw this movie and loved every minute of it but I do have one little gripe with the movie and that's with the villain. Most Marvel fans already know of the big problems the MCU has with their villains being too one-dimensional, forgettable or just downright disappointing. However, that's not the problem I had with Civil War's villain, Helmut Zemo. The problem I have with Zemo is that I don't think they did enough with him.

Baron Zemo in this movie is very different from the Zemo you know from the comic books. Civil War's Baron Zemo plotted to pit the Avengers against one another to destroy them in a revenge plot that involves his family's deaths from the Sokovia incident in Age of Ultron. Not a terrible villain as MCU villains go because not only did his plan kind of work by the end of the movie, but there have also been worse villains in the MCU. The problem I have with Zemo is that Marvel missed a great opportunity to create an awesome twist.

One of the biggest mysteries looming over the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the current status of Captain America's archenemy, Red Skull. When we last saw Red Skull, we witnessed him open a gateway to another world in the sky and then suddenly vanish without a trace. Some speculate that he is dead but others are speculating that he was transport to another world, dimension or even time period. Some fans believed that Alexander Pierce from Captain America: Winter Soldier was going to unmask himself to reveal Red Skull, much like in the comic books.

Some fans speculated that Martin Freeman was portraying Red Skull in disguise as well because of how Marvel kept his role in the movie under wraps for so long. That's where my problem with Zemo comes in. Baron Zemo is shown to be a man who is obsessed with finding and using the Winter Soldier for his own nefarious purposes. The Winter Soldier is known to be a old, close friend of Captain America. It is also shown that Zemo used face changing technology to frame the Winter Soldier for various crimes and Red Skull was known to wear face masks to hide his deformity. Baron Zemo is even portrayed by Daniel Bruhl, a well known German actor.

So, why didn't they just make Baron Zemo the Red Skull in disguise? It could have worked so well to throw the audience off with such a good twist. It would have pleased so many fans in finally wrapping up a long mystery and also give a good replacement for Hugo Weaving who has gone on record saying that he has no interest returning to the role. But nope, instead we just get a very convoluted revenge plot that seems a little confusing to some degrees. Bringing back Red Skull could mean that we can have a chance to bring in the Masters of Evil. Bring in some Spider-Man villains, bring back Yellowjacket, Loki, and Abomination and you have yourself a real kick ass movie premise. Come on Marvel, make it happen.

What do you think of this idea? Would you like a movie involving the return of Red Skull and the Masters of Evil? Leave a comment


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