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DC comics and Marvel comics are the two most recognizable companies in the comic book industry and continue with their streak of greatness. Both had their ups and downs, but ultimately, from my opinion I feel DC tops Marvel. Now remember, this is my opinion and you can have one too by arguing in the comments, don't get aggressive!

1. DC is darker

Now, this is another opinion of mine. I feel darker movies mostly feel more satisfactory in a very good way. Dark movies typically if done right can really flesh out the character and dig deep into their mind. Light hearted Marvel movies do well as well, but they gain more credit from their action they add in their movies to please the minds of the children that Disney targets. DC actually takes the form of dark stories that really effect the character and the reader, while in Marvel they stay mostly on the darker side, but when they do go dark, I find them more appealing, like Civil War, Winter Soldier, and the upcoming Doctor Strange.

DC has very dark comic books, which work so well. For instance, I was reading Batman: Faces of Death and I couldn't stop reading, every dark aspect lured me into more desire of knowledge from the text. On the other hand, I tried to read a Marvel comic book, but it was just chock full of action and jokes. It's probably just me but the only Marvel comic books I like are some Amazing Spiderman ones and Captain America comics. Marvel ceases to impress me and many I know on how to develop comic books as a dark and continuing on and on, making each storyline feel important and necessary to the plot.

2. DC can manage to do better than Marvel even in the 1980s

Back when Batman (1989) and the Superman movies were out, DC ruled the comic book movie world and box office. They could make great movies without all the cgi and other excessive appearance changers. DC made so much money in box office revenues in the 1980s while Marvel struggled with their horribly made movies they made. Now, Marvel movies have improved in quality but not as much as can be.

DC didn't need all the cgi and editing equipment as Marvel does. DC always finds their way to success and thats why they won their comic runs. Marvel caught on barely in the 1960s when Stan Lee brought some unique heroes to the table, but DC rose up to the challenge and still beat them. DC has managed to wow most even since before they were lowered in the box office ranks. It is sad how Marvel fans judge DC movies like Batman v Superman like its bad, but in reality only real DC fans can understand the movie.

3. DC really has "comics"

The point of comic books are to go away to a land of fantasy and fun. DC does just that with their god-like characters and powers. Marvel goes too close to reality and thats what ruins the fun for most. The heroes show their strength and power that really helps make their comics actually "comics."

DC likes to take a child and make him into a god-like superhero, thats exactly what comics are about, imagination and fantasy. That was brought to the table ever so efficiently and still manages to do good that it amazes even the fans themselves.

The DC's Justice League vs Marvels The Avengers
The DC's Justice League vs Marvels The Avengers

4. DC was the teacher and paved the way for others

DC started off first and set the building blocks of comic books for so many others that no body can deny their importance. Marvel has so many ideas that DC first brought, and imagine if DC didn't exist, how different the comic book industry would be.

They set the standard for the type of powers heroes would deserve, they set the standard for heroic idols, they set the standard of teaching real life lessons on drug abuse, murder, etc... DC really set the standard for Marvel to learn. Marvel began to teach lessons on those topics years after DC did. DC is what started it all and made the big guys.

5. DC's success in TV, Movie(arguably), and video games

DC has recently found out how to make great video games, pointing to the masterpieces of a game series, the Batman Arkham series. DC found their strength with their storytelling and just went deeper from there.

Their movies in my opinion have rose from the ashes and reclaimed their rightful position as a DC superhero movie that is good. BvS in my opinion was great with its flaws but again, even if you didn't like it, you know its a good starting point for the DC movie universe.

DC TV shows have continued to get much better (Arrow is ok now, but I am not up to date with it yet). The Flash has such a great mixture of great emotions, storytelling, stamina and continuity. DC knows how to make a good show without cramming too many stories in it. I applaud them for that.

Overall, DC in my opinion is better than Marvel and just needs to boost their way from BvS to get back up in the movie industry. If you disagree, peacefully argue in the comments and remember to respect others opinions, thanks for reading.


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