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The X-Men are one of the most well-known teams in comics, but many of their members are overlooked and unknown. One of the coolest aspects of the team is the bizarre and unusual nature of their powers (even for superheroes). Here are five that would look absolutely awesome in the movies.

Franklin Richards

Franklin is a bit of a long shot, given the unsuccessful attempts at Fantastic Four franchises in the past, but this young mutant would be worth the wait. Franklin Richards, son of Reed and Sue, is a reality-warping mutant with godlike powers. He's gone as far as creating a universe (which he then lost in the closet), reversing an invasion from another universe (yeah, the one in the closet) and much, much more. Though he's sometimes appeared as an adult, the most interesting thing about him in most comics is that he's a small child, filled with wonder and creativity. This could also drive the plot of a film pretty well.

Fantomex and E.V.A.

Fantomex himself has some pretty awesome abilities, thanks to the same program that birthed Wolverine and Deadpool. But the weirdest thing about him is his spaceship, which is actually an external manifestation of his nervous system. Not only does it fly him around, it gained sentience and can even form into a new body of its own. It'd probably look pretty weird on screen, but no one sees the X-Men movies as "normal."


Sooraya Qadir has one of the most unique and deadly abilities on the team: She can shift her body into, well, dust. She has a fair amount of control over this, using the sandlike silicon defensively to cloak her allies, while also using it as an abrasive weapon against her foes. Dust is originally from Afghanistan, and continues to wear an abaya and niqab after her move to the Xavier school — something she's made clear as her own choice out of her respect for Islam. There's no doubt that both her powers and personal life could make for deep and interesting screen time.


Mercury is a consistent teammate of Dust (she's even in the previous photo), and shares a similar power set. Instead of sand, however, Mercury possesses the power to shift her body into a liquid metal, forming it into spikes, claws, blades, or whatever shape she needs. Think T-1000, but much, much cooler. Perhaps most impressively, she dealt a heavy blow to World War Hulk, the final one of his fight with the X-Men. We won't see that on screen, but that kind of power is definitely worth a look.


There are no shortage of mutants who can turn themselves into living weapons, but not many can become a shield. Hisako Ichiki can project a set of psionic armor around herself, and though she often chooses a samurai-inspired design, she's used things like robots and dragons as well. She normally keeps it relatively close to her in size, though she's shown the ability to expand it several stories tall, such as during a fight with Fin Fang Foom.

Those are my five picks for the mutants I'd like to see most in an X-Men film. What are yours?


Which mutant would you like to see on screen?


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