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Sam Plank

That was a pretty confusing title...and probably a little unethical. But really, why do we go to car races? Car crashes, for the majority of us, it seems. It's the same with reality shows. They can be extremely annoying, and spawn some of the most annoying “celebrities” in history.

So why the heck would anyone in their right mind watch them, other than to make fun of the stars?

This! All of this!

Most of these, if not all of these, are most likely faker than that lady up there talking about lobsters. So just sit back and imagine stupid people getting knocked out!

America sometimes doesn't have talent

The Urban Action Figure...go figure!

The ring of fire? Really?

Humpty dumpty...

This one involves knives, but only the emotional kind

Mythbusters busting myths...and other stuff

It came in like a cannon balllllll

Deadliest Catch get nasty

Hope that wasn't his fishing hand

Shmersey Bore

Snooker punch!

Survivor: only the tough (and flame-retardant) survive

He fell into a you get it

Repo Adventures

She doesn't do karate! She does kuhRAZY!

The check is in the MAIL!!!

Come on guys, at least ACT like you're acting

Running Wild with Ted Nugent

Ted damn near cuts his leg off with a chainsaw

Wish we had a video for THIS!

America's next flat model

You suck! You looked slutty! You...OMG Y DID U FAINT???

What's your favorite non-deadly related reality show mishap?


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