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They say we're all Wonder Women, and it's true. Some of us just wear the costumes a little more obviously than others. Some of us go on epic quests to gather the materials, painstakingly handcraft the garments ourselves, don them, and strike heroic poses. (We call this "cosplay!") Some of us even have swords. Let me introduce you to one such warrior.

Today's exciting episode of fan-created awesomeness comes to us from the talented Panterona Cosplay. According to her bio, Panterona "comes from the little Caribbean country of Trinidad and Tobago," and she's got a wide range of amazing cosplay projects to explore. You can check out a lot more on her official Facebook and Instagram — but a couple jumped out at me in particular.

Check out Diana, Princess of the Amazons!

(Wonder Woman photography by GK Studios.)

I could go on for pages about the beautiful individual pieces and how gorgeous this whole ensemble is, but Panterona answers a bunch of fan questions at her Facebook, including costume details, and does it better than I ever could. So check out the above linkage! (And show the artist some love!)

Instead, I will note something that makes this artist and shoot so special: location, location, location! So many works of cosplay art have wonderful craftsmanship and makeup, but the lighting and background in the shoot don't do the creation any favors, or show the model at their best. Not so here — everything goes together perfectly. Awesome choice.

And have some wise words from the artist:

Cosplay is for everyone. Don't ever let them tell you that you can't be anything or anyone you want to be!

Right on.

Finally, here's a quote Panterona included with this shoot that really says it all:

"Our number one job is to honor the goddess within, your secret self is a true Wonder Woman, so let her shine!"

— Lynda Carter

This was going to be all for today, but then I found something else too amazing to pass up, and I just had to share.

Say hello to Storm!

(Storm photography by Guru Kast and Aaron Richards.)

Usually I'm a little wary of CGI when used in cosplay photos. It can go either way and easily look cheesy, over-edited, or steal focus from the model and creation itself. But in this case — yes! These effects are well-done and powerful without being distracting. We have electricity.

What do you think? Show some love in the comments! But please, keep all commentary respectful. Remember that this talented artist is a human like you (despite how it may look today), giving us their work on their own time, for the love of the art and the characters. Rock on, and see you again real soon!



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