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Man, the trailers! They just keep coming!

The latest (and probably last before the movie comes out on June 3) trailer for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Out Of The Shadows just hit the interwebs on May 3:

It's even more of everything any longtime fan of the ninja turtles loves: Shredder, Krang, Casey Jones & April, Baxter Stockman, Bebop & Rocksteady, the party van, the Technodrome — all of it!

So we know the turtles will have their hands full with not only five villains, but plenty of foot clan soldiers. But movies this big tend to sometimes throw things into the mix unexpectedly, like even MORE villains or allies. Spider-Man 3 gave us too many villains, and ended up being the end of Sam Raimi's movie run, so they have to be careful who else they throw in the movie.

But what about all those little players? The guys who were pretty significant back in the early days of TMNT, but didn't play huge roles like Krang and Shredder?

Here are a few additions I'd love to see come to TMNT 2, that I don't think would overload the movie too much!


Yes, those little sh! Baxter Stockman created them, and they go WAY back. The turtles always defeated the klutzy little machines, but it would be sweet to see at least a throwback to them in the new movie. A bobblehead doll on Stockman's dashboard, maybe?


This stank-breathed alien appeared in only three of the original comics, so his role was already a really small one. But anyone who read the comics will most definitely remember him. Along with Slash (my next entry on the list), he jumps onboard Krang's ship, who rescues the two from Morbus, their prison planet. They pick up Bebop and Rocksteady from Eden World (don't ask) on the way to Earth. Once they arrive, Bellybomb somehow attached Krang to Shredder's body, allowing the brain to control Shredder.

It was just a really memorable series of comics, and it would be hilarious even if Bellybomb was a captive on the Technodrome or something, along with this guy:


I could really care less how they bring him into the movie, I just really want for him to have some sort of role. Whether he's an alien, or they stick with the backstory from the cartoon where he was Bebop's pet turtle, or if they totally mix it up and have Baxter created his own ninja snapping turtle, it'll be sweet as hell to see Slash pop up.

Mondo Gecko

This rad dude was one of the turtles' first friends — a professional skateboarder with a pet gecko. All his origin stories are the same — involving a gecko and some mutagen. Having him show up as a longtime secret friend of the turtles would give us some more welcome cowabungas!


Back in the trailer (in the first part) the turtles are flying through the air, higher up than a plane! To me, there are only a few different ways they could have gotten up there:

1) They hitchhiked on the Technodrome and jumped out; 2) they fell/jumped out of a plane that was higher up; or, 3) they have this:

The Turtle Blimp! Seeing how they just got the party van up and running, it's highly unlikely that the blimp already exists too. But one can dream!

I could really go on forever with this list, but those are the good and bad characters (and blimp) that are at the top!

Let me know who you'd like to see added to TMNT 2, if any!


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