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With the explosive reveal that Wolverine is gonna make an appearance in [X-Men: Apocalypse](tag:1194267), people wondered 'How does Wolverine fit into X-Men: Apocalypse?" Well, i might have an answer, but i bet it will be something totally different in the movie.

Now, look the facility that is seen in the trailer looks like something we have seen before.

But, what if Wolverine is still in Weapon X and Mystique went to save Logan from the program, and look just to be familiar, read some comics with Weapon X and look, i think they are gonna make a new origin of Wolverine, because Hugh Jackman's last time playing the character is in Wolverine 3.

When you consider that actor Josh Helman has returned from Days Of Future Past to reprise his role as William Stryker.

Why would Stryker be in the movie? What does he offer? Besides some obvious things, wouldn't the inclusion of Wolverine in the film justify the appearance of Stryker.

Now one question, remains:

Will They Cast Someone New As Wolverine After Jackman?

Considering they start off a new X Men trilogy after Apocalypse or a follow-up, they won't leave out the franchise's most popular and beloved character, huh? Well, Jackman convinced us HE IS Wolverine, but his time is done.

Tom Hardy, anyone?

Will They Use Some Other Version Of Wolverine?

But i am certain nobody can beat Hugh as Logan, but what if they avoid casting someone wrong, but what if they use other versions of the character? Maybe Daken, but that wouldn't make much sense, but what if they use X-23? There were rumours that Laura was gonna be introduced in Wolverine 3, but i can't, and nor can anyone, verify that.

But using them would be fun and different, and give the original character some new spotlight.


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