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WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Captain America: Civil War.

Captain America: Civil War is without doubt the greatest MCU movie and exists to create one of the best superhero trilogies of all time. It clearly exhibits the typical directing style of the Russo brothers with eye-catching action, sudden thrillers and an 'Honest Trailers-proof' plot.

Though every little thing in it was perfect in its own way, the unanticipated reveals were its specialty. While other scenes were unforgettable too, these twists were equally awesome.

The following are the most epic reveals from the movie.

5. T'Challa Is Black Panther

Though most fans already knew this, it came to many as a surprise. Non-comic book fans wondered who the man dressed as a cat was. After seeing him in hand-to-hand combat, and in an incredible chase scene, it was finally revealed that Black Panther is in fact the now-king of Wakanda. It was as much a surprise for some fans as it was for Cap, and made it clear that T'Challa was after Bucky to revenge his father's death.

4. Scarlett Witch's Potential

Wanda was way over-powered than other characters and it made her one of my favorite parts of the film. Her true power was witnessed when she throws Vision down twenty floors or so using only her mind. Sure it was cool seeing here breaking robots into pieces in Age Of Ultron, however in Civil War she was literally controlling the airport fight by pushing people merely with a flick of her hand. She also easily managed to throw two dozen cars on Tony. Scarlett has a very similar quality of powers in the comics, thus it was stunning to see here like that in the movies as well.

3. Rhodey Falls Mid-Air

The Falcon and Iron-Man both dashing downwards to save Rhodes as he is about to plunge to the ground was a true cliff-hanger and left the audience at the edge of their seats. They both fail to do so and have to witness Rhodey's gruesome impact with the ground. Luckily, he lived however lost his legs to paralysis. The sudden 'thud' was an immense shot to witness.

2. Scott Becomes Giant-Man

Ant-Man changing his suit's configuration in order to enlarge is easily the best part of the whole movie. He grows substantially whilst grabbing War Machine using just one hand. The awesome shot of Giant-Man fighting, along-with incredible puns and jokes made this reveal the most memorable. Stark jokingly asking for anyone on his team with surprising hidden abilities to reveal them was especially gold. Giant-Man's action sequence was absolutely awe-inspiring till Spider-Man webs him making him fall to the ground.

1. Bucky Killed Tony's Parents

After Zemo leads Cap, Bucky and Tony to Siberia, he shows them the video footage of one of Bucky's missions as a HYDRA agent. As soon as Tony claims that the road looked familiar, the horrifying truth was revealed that Bucky murdered his parents. This was the greatest reveal in the movie as we see Bucky brutally killing Howard and Maria Stark. This leaves Tony with a thirst for vengeance and he spends the rest of the time there severely trying to kill Buck.

These were the best thrillers according to my opinion although the movie was filled with many other little twists and changes that were sudden and shocking.


Which moment surprised you the most?


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