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So, basically ever since Dragon Ball Super started we, the fans, have been waiting to see the Z fighter, namely: Tien, Krillen, Roshi, Chiatzuo and Yamcha become relevant again. But as of yet they haven’t been quite relevant. They did get some action against Frieza’s army but that’s about all.


Now, if we assume that Dragon Ball Super does have some plans for them and will bring them back. How do you think they might do it?

2 Main Problems :

Dragon Ball already set up alternatives to the Z fighters by introducing many new characters and fighters. So giving them important roles might become difficult. And it can’t be like only one of them gets a power boost. Let’s say they decide to give a power boost to Krillen then obviously the fans will want the same thing to happen with Tien and Yamcha. But

can Dragon Ball really afford to give so much screen time behind all these characters at this point of time?

Probably not!

Tien- Dragon Ball Super- Fusion
Tien- Dragon Ball Super- Fusion

Again, now there exists a huge margin of power differences between the Z fighters and the saiyans mainly Goku and Vegeta. So, how can they come close or become powerful enough to have some impact. After all these time if they train for a while and reach near the level of Goku or Vegeta then it would end up meaning they have more potential than them and if they trained they could surpass them. That is obviously not true and would thus be befitting.

But then again we don’t want the Z fighters to become totally useless. And we certainly don’t want to see this group of people who once dedicated their lives for fighting pass the rest of the episode being bystanders.

So, at this point what can they possibly do to make them logically strong enough to be in the battle field and also express that in a limited amount of screen time without giving each individual too much moments.

The Solution:

Make them all fuse into one being. Let’s imagine a scenario where Goku and Vegeta somehow gets stuck in another universe and can’t protect the earth. And they get warning that the earth might get attacked by someone.

So all the Z fighters gather together and trains pushing themselves beyond their limit. But at a point they realize no matter how hard they train they can’t really become strong enough in such a short time. So they find a way to fuse together maybe without any time limits. So, all the Z fighters fuse into one to become a reasonably strong character that could have some level of involvement in the battles. Even if it’s small it would certainly be better than them being bystanders. This would also be very refreshing to watch and the writers can really give them a very creative set of moves. The characters martial arts or fighting knowledge would obviously be superior thanks to Master Roshi. Then again each of these individuals has unique moves. Let’s for example say how Chiatzou’s psychic move would turn out if he had higher power level! Like, in Dragon Ball we saw him stopping kid Goku without even touching. It might be useless now since he is too weak but what if he gets to use the move while being in that fused form?

They could certainly combine all their moves and create some exciting fusion moves. In short, this looks like an interesting idea and would be reasonable and also would be able to surprise all the fans of the Z fighters. At the same time it'll do justice to all the fighters.

I understand this might not be the best of move. But Dragon Ball isn’t one piece, we don’t have infinite amount of episodes. So in a limited amount of time this is what sounds like a reasonable thing to do. They could also spice things up by throwing this fused character a side story with the return an old villain or something like that.

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