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"One of the most amazing movies I've ever seen."

I went to the movie theatre, standing beside and when I finished watching the film, I didn’t regret choosing his team. The movie is very well-directed with great lines and amazing performances that both teams managed to have their concrete opinions and you will find it really hard to weigh which one has a better point.

Captain America: Civil War is the third solo movie for Captain America (Chris Evans) and the sequel to Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Since it is Captain America’s solo film and even though almost all of the Avengers are in this movie except for Thor and Hulk, you can still see how the movie centers to Captain America (Steve Rogers) in terms of how he handles everything that is happening around him like the Sokovia Accords and Bucky (Winter Soldier) and also of how he makes decisions for them to be able to protect the people even more as well as for the better good of the team. And one thing that I also like in the movie is that every character that appears in the movie had their chance to shine. A chance where it didn’t feel like it was forced but rather the scene really need them to be. Everyone has their special roles in the movie and everyone has a good reason why they are choosing either Tony’s or Steve’s side.

This movie surely has a jam-packed casting just like Avengers: Age of Ultron but the difference of Captain America: Civil War is that the characters are well-established and the delivery of the lines was just amazing. It is a combination of a superhero movie, comedy, drama and action all jammed in one. All of the characters are emotionally grounded in the story, causing them to make decisions that’ll surely oppose the other. Robert Downey Jr.’s (Iron Man) performance here in this movie was so striking. He delivered Tony’s lines with such emotion and it was just so remarkable and overwhelming. I witnessed a different Tony Stark that even after all the negative things happening in his life, he wants nothing but freedom and peace. It’s just so happen that Captain America wants the same thing but with a different formula.

Captain America: Civil War really lived up to its title, Civil War. The movie was not all out fighting because it delivers us from why both teams are arguing to being on the point why they need to fight each other and that is what I also like in the movie. The story slowly builds the emotion and sense and you really could see the brewing misunderstanding and feud between Tony and Steve.

The action sequences in this movie are just so phenomenal that you won’t even dare blink your eyes because you don’t want to miss anything from the movie. And speaking of action sequences, Black Panther’s scenes stood out for me. To tell you the truth, I have no idea of who or what he is but as I watch the movie, I never thought that I would like him so much after watching the film.

Falcon did a great job in this movie too. If you liked him in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, then you’ll surely like him even more in this film. Aside from his upgraded wings and additional technologies, his action scenes in this movie was so breathtaking. I never imagined a winged-man could do such amazing stunts like he did.

If you will ask me which character shines for me the most, aside from Captain America and Iron Man, I guess I’ll say that it was Black Panther, Falcon, Ant-Man and of course, Spider-Man. But I’ll just discuss Spider-Man to you later in this post because I have a LOT of things to say about him. Ant-Man was spectacular in this film and all of his jokes and quips were never too corny or forced for me because it really came out naturally and I want to commend Paul Rudd for an incredible performance.

On the other hand, apart from Gambit and Rogue, the other couple/pair that I really like in the comics is Scarlet Witch and Vision.

Okay fine, I’ll spoil you a little bit about these two because how they managed to show their relationship in this movie is so wondrous for me. Yes, they kinda gave us some Scarlet Witch and Vision relationship but it is not the connection you are expecting. It was rather an affinity for each other because it’s the Mind Stone that serves as their one thing in common. Remember, Scarlet Witch is NOT a mutant in the MCU but rather an enhanced human being with the help of Loki’s sceptre. They are both confused on their powers, not knowing its extent so they help each other in controlling and understanding their powers and I think that’s a good start for a growing relationship, right? Who knows, MCU is not done yet so maybe we’ll see their relationship grow as time goes by.

Moving on, some people say that Marvel is really struggling in their movies in terms of the villains but as for me, aside from Loki and Red Skull, which are the villains I liked, Baron Zemo’s performance in the movie was impressive. Daniel Brühl’s performance of Baron Zemo was formidable, making him an effective villain of the movie because you can understand why he was doing all of his bad schemes.

And finally, your friendly neighborhood, Spider-Man!

At a young age of 19, Tom Holland will be, by far, the BEST Spider-Man we’ll ever see. Yeah, I liked Andrew Garfield’s take on the character because he gave an edge on Spidey’s humorous side than what Tobey Maguire did but as of now, Tom Holland is just doing his thing. He is the perfect man for the job. Young, a student in high school and the way he jokes around people were just fantastic! His version of Spider-Man is what we really need from the character and as for me, I think Spider-Man made the MCU almost perfect. He is one of the missing piece and I am just glad that he is now part of a bigger universe.

So this is my non-spoiler review for Captain America: Civil War because I don’t want to give away some things that might spoil the people who hasn’t seen the movie yet. And for my closing remarks, for all the people who hasn’t seen it yet, I have no idea why aren’t you moving your asses towards the cinemas. This is the perfect summer movie and it will make you like reading comic books even more. You will appreciate the characters even more and you will witness a different performance by the actors. This movie really changed the MCU as well as the upcoming movies ahead and after seeing Captain America: Civil War, I don’t know if can still give my trust to Steve. That’s all folks, hope you like my review.


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