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There are certain scenes in a series that completely change everything. The upcoming scene at the Tower of Joy in Game of Thrones could very well be one of them! There are many possibilities that could come from this so let's explore three of them.

1. Ned Stark Not so Noble?

Will we see a young Eddard Stark fighting dirty? Could he possibly even be acting as a bad guy despite his reasons for being there? Ned is there trying to get his sister out of the clutches of the Targaryen soldiers, so what lengths would he go to for this to be accomplished?

2. R+L=J?

Will the fan theory that is believed by most be confirmed? On Mother's Day we could very well find out whether Jon Snow is actually a Targaryen bastard. If this were to happen it would change absolutely everything we know to be true. Ned wasn't a cheater and lied to keep Robert from killing Jon. Jon is most definitely a Stark and has fire in his blood like his Aunt Daenerys.

3. A New King and New Fight for the Throne?

In order of succession there maybe a slight problem now. If Jon Snow is in fact actually Jon Targaryen we might have a whole new kind of battle for the throne. Being Rhaegar's bastard puts him in front of Daenerys as heir to the Iron Throne. So let us assume that Dany makes it out across the sea to Westeros, what happens then? Once the Lannisters are defeated will another war ensue for the last of the Targaryens or will they come to make peace? Let's hope the fiery mother of dragons and the icy Lord Commander can cool things down in the seven kingdoms.

So many questions for the episode up ahead. What will we see with Bran and the three eyed raven? What impact will it have on the here and now of Westeros? Sunday can't come soon enough so we can all have our answers.


What do you think will happen?


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