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For those of you even remotely aware of what's been going on in the MCU, you'll notice the addition of a web-slinging teenager who goes by the alias of "Spider-Man." After seeing Captain America: Civil War, I feel I must sing praise to Tom Holland's performance as the awkwardly charismatic teen who's not always sure when to quit. *Minor Spoilers Ahead*

I mean he NAILED IT. Holland is the Spidey that we (or at least I) have been waiting for. He's a high school kid who's apparently only had his powers for six months; he's still testing them out. For him to get thrown into a super hero beat down like he was, and do more than hold his own, is a testament to the natural ability that comes with his powers. Not only did he kick ass, but his personality was able to shine. Spitting out corny lines like, "you have the right to remain silent," while trying to wrestle Falcon to the ground, and him generally not knowing how to handle himself when meeting Captain America, resembles the innocent, high school nerd persona that hasn't been fully present in past films.

In my opinion, previous Parkers have taken on a bit of a too serious tone, and then try to move backwards into goofiness. Spider-Man constantly rides the line between cocky and lovably overpowered. Where our other Spideys seem more cocky than goofy, Holland's Parker exists so much more naturally than his predecessors, I can't help but love it. Nothing seems forced about the character (maybe because he's, ya know, close to high school age?). The character comes of realistic and totally genuine.

All in all, Civil War was awesome, and Tom Holland kills it as the new Spidey. I can't wait to see more of this Spidey in future projects.


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