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Another Wedding To Come?

Season Nine of The Big Bang Theory finally saw Sheldon and Amy (Shamy) have Coitus together! But is a new storyline about to open up? Sheldon and Amy are set to become engaged together. Back in the Season Eight Finale, Sheldon pulled out an engagement ring from his desk draw shortly after him and Amy broke up with each other. Ever since then, the ring has been out of viewers sight. However, the creator of The Big Bang Theory has said the ring WILL be reappearing in the show!

"At some point in the near future, it will come up again. It's not going to immediately, but we certainly have not forgotten about it." - Steven Molaro

On the other hand, a wedding for them may not be happening. Jim Parsons has said "fans shouldn't hold their breath for the show to make another trip to the altar". The show has recently seen Penny and Leonard put a ring on each others hands as they got married in the first episode of Season Nine.

Parsons was interviewed about the situation about Sheldon and Amy getting engaged and married. He expressed his thoughts by saying:

"I would say no, but I didn't think we'd be filming the sex scene." - Jim Parsons

The American Sitcom set in Pasadena first whizzed onto screens back in September 2007. This was the debut appearance of Jim Parsons' character of Sheldon Cooper. It's been announced that Jim Parsons now gets paid $1,000,000 per episode for playing Sheldon Cooper after the show became a huge success.

Whereas, Amy Farrah Fowler first debut the show in the Season Three Finale. The actress Mayim Bialik was casted to play Amy from Season Four onwards. Sheldon and Amy met after Raj and Howard set up Sheldon an online dating account for Sheldon. But unexpectedly, Sheldon and Amy matched each other. Ever since then, Amy has been in the show to date. During the same report, Mayim earns a lot less than Jim. She only earns $100,000 per episode. Mayim has recently been in a money feud with Kaley Cuoco who plays Penny. Kaley also earns $1,000,000 per episode Mayim has kicked up a fuss about it. But Mayim has said she loves what she does in the show and money won't put her off.

The two big questions that remain are:

Will Amy and Sheldon Get Engaged? and Do You Want Amy and Sheldon To Get Engaged?

Season Nine of the show rapidly drawing to a close with Season 10 already in the making. You can now pre-order Season Nine of the hit CBS show on DVD now!


Do You Want Amy and Sheldon To Get Engaged?


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