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Hey everyone, I just want to thank you for checking out the CommonCultureCinema Roundup, a weekly podcast series in which Bobby Anhalt and Ryan "Ryno" Carlquist discuss the current events in the world in film.

On this weeks episode the two hosts cover topics from the previous week's various movie related news headlines:

  • Alden Ehrenreich Cast as Young Han Solo
  • Ben Affleck Now Executive Producer For DC/Warner Bros.
  • Michael Fassbender Cast as Serial Killer in Entering Hades
  • Andrew Garfield Teams Up with It Follows Director for Noir Crime Thriller
  • Brand New Look at the Power Ranger's Costumes
  • Russell Crowe Cast as Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde in The Mummy reboot
  • And Much More!

In addition to these bits of film news, Ryno and Bobby give their take on the most anticipated movies of the summer – The Conjuring 2, Neighbors 2, Ghostbusters, Captain America: Civil War, Warcraft, Star Trek Beyond, The BFG, Jason Bourne, Suicide Squad, and The Nice Guys to name a few – and let you know what they're excited about, and why you should be excited about it too.

Stay tuned every Saturday for new episodes, check back here for more updates concerning the podcast and of course, follow me to read about more news and rumors concerning your favorite films and film franchises.


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