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SPOILERS! You've been warned!

As a longtime fan of this great show, it's something special to experience a moment quite like last weeks big reveal on CW's SUPERNATURAL. The big man upstairs finally makes his debut, and we all knew it was going to be someone familiar. That's right, GOD revealed himself to be prophet/writer Chuck Shurley in one of the most touching episodes in the life of the show. A moment that was 8 years in the making.

See the clip for one of the greatest moments in Supernatural history. CLICK HERE.

So now that the boys know the truth, it's time for Sam and Dean to finally get some answers and a lot of much needed help. Amara is still torturing poor Castiel and Dean makes the case with God/Chuck to finally face his sister in next weeks episode "All in the Family".

We'll finally get to see the Winchesters have a heart to heart with the big guy, as well as hatch a plan to stop the dreaded darkness. Yet, before the finale arrives, there are some questions that need to be answered by God. There is one question that I would love an answer too since it was mentioned way back when in the episode "Dark Side Of The Moon".

Where are the souls of John and Mary Winchester?

They aren't in Hell, Purgatory, and Heaven. So where are they? Maybe now that question can be approached and we can finally know the fates of John and Mary. Could a reaper have sent them into the blackness of nothingness, the fate that awaits Sam and Dean should they die again? Did GOD save them within a "safe place" construct that he personally devised to conceal himself from all beings?

It's time for the boys to have some peace with knowing the fates of their beloved parents. The finale is coming to what many are calling 'one of the best seasons ever' in Supernatural history.

"All in the Family" Airs on 5/11/2016, at 9:00:00 PM on The CW.


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