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Dear Hollywood,

I have a very serious question for you. Why? Why are there an increasing number of remakes and sequels that are long past their "fresh-by" date?

Is it a lack of creativity? A lack of faith in young writers & filmmakers? Or is it just that you believe these films are a safety net for the film industry?

As a serious film watcher, let me tell you what the majority of us would like to see. Originality. It's that simple. There are so many talented writers & filmmakers out there that would jump at the chance to prove that they can create an imaginative, captivating, story line that will appeal to the masses.

In 2015 alone we saw an increased number of remakes, mainly in the horror genre, and sequels to movies that just didn't need to exist. Did we really need second "Woman in Black", a third "Insidious" or a SIXTH "Paranormal Activity"? Did "Poltergeist" or "Point Break" really need to be remade? Let me tell you, the answer to those questions is a resounding "No."

It amazes me, while browsing list upon list of films set to be released in the coming years, that the number of these remakes and sequels just keeps increasing. I could give you a list of remakes and sequels that had no business being made. It'd be a fairly lengthy list to tell you the truth.

Now, don't get me wrong, there are a myriad of incredible films that have been released in the recent past. Films that restore my faith in the industry. I crave more of these gems, more imagination and creativity. I want to see new writers given bigger challenges. Chances taken on young filmmakers. I would love to see fresh new directors, and their interpretations of new material.

Is it too much to ask that when you say it's the final "Saw" movie that you actually mean it?

(I'm serious, that franchise has gotten entirely out of control)

Let's rewrite Hollywood!



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