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Okay, so this coming week's episode of The Flash will be very interesting. But before I get into details about this week's episode, let's recap what we know so far. Zoom is now on Earth-1, ready to claim Central City for himself. But, of course, not just Earth-1 Central City. His plans are much more darker than taking over one Earth. He plans to take the entire Multiverse for himself.

And he's made some pretty good progress with Earth-1, but we won't know for sure how his plan's going to pan out. Anyway, while he's doing that, Barry and the rest of Team Flash have found a temporary way of protecting the city: through holograms. While Barry doesn't have his speed, they have found a way to make sure the rest of Central City doesn't know that. And it seemed to work for a while, but you can guess who doesn't exactly approve of what they're doing: Harry.

Harry thinks what they're doing is morally idiotic. It's not idiotic, but it is kind of ridiculous, if you think about it. Anyway, Harry believes he's found a way to get Barry back in the fast lane: recreating the particle accelerator explosion. He apparently knows all the chemicals that gave Barry his speed powers and the exact event that super-charged those chemicals, but before Barry can go through with making any rash decisions, he has to confirm some things with some people he knows oh so well. One being his dad, who is enjoying his life in the outdoors.

The next part I'm about to disclose is strictly spoiler alert for those who have taken a while to catch up with this past week's episode, so be warned.

So Barry goes to his father about this problem. Henry is a bit curious why a speedster would need a car. Barry, of course, reaches out to his father and tells him that he has lost his powers to Zoom in exchange for Wally's life. Henry, of course, thinks Barry did the right thing even though it costed him his powers. Barry then explains who Zoom is, and during the conversation, after Barry told him that Zoom is their former friend who they thought was Jay Garrick, Henry exclaims that his mother's maiden name was Garrick. Can you tell where I'm going from here? We might be shockingly close to discovering who the man in the iron mask is. Hint: It's not Leonardo DeCaprio of Earth-2.

So, during all this, Cisco does some reconciling of his own. After Vibe-ing his brother, Cisco felt it was maybe time to do some reconciling of his own. His brother is not really all that happy to see Cisco, especially since Dante himself was still recovering from the events of Season 1 when Captain Cold and Heat Wave kidnapped them and Captain Cold came so close to killing Dante. Cisco thought he could reconcile with his brother, but it proved to be a failed effort. After leaving the bar, they encounter the true person Cisco vibed: Rupture, also known as Dante Ramon of Earth-2.

Anyway, they took care of Rupture (or at least Zoom did). And after witnessing the deaths of several CCPD officers, Barry knew what he had to do. It was time to take a risk and get his speed back the old-fashioned way: through a re-created particle accelerator explosion. And the explosion was re-created, and with some new victims of the explosion: Wally and Jesse. And from a distance, Zoom witnessed the flash of lightning that was occurring over STAR Labs and thought it was bad news for him. He raced over to STAR Labs and tried to stop the explosion from occurring, and his sabotage would have worked. But his interference in the matter was not required, because the explosion vaporized Barry. Zoom was happy to see that there efforts were all but successful. He left with the usual psychotic smirk on his face. But has we have already seen Barry is not at all dead. But my question still remains: WHY IS GIRDER ALIVE!?

We all witnessed his murder at the hands of Blackout back in Season 1. Could his corpse still have been in STAR Labs and somehow the re-created particle accelerator revived him? We won't know for sure until next episode. Until then.....


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