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Most horror movie fans can agree that sequels are rarely a good idea. Sequels often lose the greatness it's original film had. Stories get twisted and characters lose their likability. Some of them are just downright horrible, but that's a list for another article. However there are some great sequels that comment their original film and in some cases surpass the original film. Here a some of my favorite horror sequels. WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD!

28 Weeks Later

This film takes place six months after the release of the rage virus in the first film. The military has made a section of London inhabitable once again. A military doctor discovers that there are some people immune to the effects of the rage virus, but are still able to infect others. I enjoyed this film more than the original, 28 Days Later. Jeremy Renner, Rose Byrne, and Imogen Poots did an amazing job with their roles. The intro scene was an incredible way to kick this movie off. The score while Robert Carlyle is running toward the dock and multiple groups of infected coming from different directions, was genius.

Insidious: Chapter 2

The first Insidious film was such a fresh idea. Showing us the ability of Astral projection and a look at the terrifying world called The Further. The second film picks up where the first film left off. The Lambert family has moved into Josh's mother, into his childhood home. This film gives us a deeper look into Josh's past and his abilities. Josh is now stuck in The Further and is fighting to get home and back into his body. The woman in the black dress now inhabits Josh's body, which puts his family in grave danger. We get to see more of the story of the woman in black, plus the return of Elise.

Wes Craven's New Nightmare

Wes Craven returned to the saga his original masterpiece had created. He chose not to follow any of the previous story lines, but create an original story. The film revolves around the people that where involved with the original film. Heather Langenkamp returns as herself, living her life with her husband and young son Dylan. The original creators, Wes Craven and Robert Shaye, are working on a new script for another Freddy film. They want Heather to return to play Nancy one last time, but she is hesitant. The film they are creating tells of a much darker and terrifying Freddy. The script also seems to be mimicking what is going on in her life. Her son begins telling her that he sees Freddy in his dreams. Heather fights to save her son and face Freddy one last time. Freddy's look in this film was great and it was closer to what Wes had originally wanted him to look like. This film builds more of a psychological fear. We don't see Freddy until the final act, which I think made it better.

Friday the 13th: Jason Lives

Tommy Jarvis returns to dispose of Jason's body, but accidentally brings Jason back to life. Jason heads back to Camp Crystal Lake, leaving a trail of bodies. I really loved the change in Jason's appearance, giving him a large hunting knife and several addition holsters, he looked more like a hunter. This was also the start of what is known as Zombie Jason, having been killed in The Final Chapter and now returning from the dead, almost like Frankenstein's monster.

Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers

Michael Myers returns to try and kill another member in his family tree, his niece Jamie. Although I did enjoy Halloween 3: Season of the Witch, it was great to see Michael return to the big screen. Plus, we get to see him go against his main protagonist Dr. Loomis, played by the great Donald Pleasence. Michael comes back with a more vicious demeanor. This is depicted in his kill methods, which are kicked up a notch. This was the film debut of the great Danielle Harris.

Now these are only some of my favorite horror sequels. I'll probably do another list of a few more of my favorites and definitely some terrible sequels. Let me know if you enjoyed any of these films and what some of your favorites are.


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