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I know it's a mistake, before my feet leave the ground, I know. But the nature of my magical thinking is such that I believe, truly believe, that I'll get away with it. Because I'm special. Because I'm me. ~ Carol Danvers (Earth-616)

We've seen Black Widow, Agent Carter, Gamora, Agent 13 and Scarlet Witch kicked some ass in the previous movies - now it's time for Carol Danvers!

Captain Marvel is still three years away from its confirmed release in 2019 but the movie seems to finally found its director in the name of Emily Carmichael.

Emily Carmichael is a 34-year old film director, screenwriter and animator. She is an Indie filmmaker who is known for her short films like The Ghost and Us and The Hunter and the Swan Discusss Their Meeting which were all premiered in different film festivals. There is no confirmation from Marvel yet but since Wonder Woman has a female director, it will also be nice to see a woman taking on the director seat for Captain Marvel.

Another circulating speculation is that Emily Blunt may probably take on the role of Carol Danvers. She is currently pregnant with her child with husband John Krasinski and even though she has a growing baby bump, she still has a lot of time to prepare for the role.

Emiliy Blunt is a certified badass. Thanks to her various action roles in movies like Sicario, The Huntsman: Winter's War and Edge of Tomorrow for she probably knows how to break a person in pieces.

Emily Blunt as Rita Vrataski in Edge of Tomorrow
Emily Blunt as Rita Vrataski in Edge of Tomorrow

So wouldn't it be nice to see her wearing Captain Marvel's costume and watch her as she kick some ass together with the Avengers? There is still no corroboration about who will direct the movie or who will take on the character but these amazing theories are something worth expecting.

What can you say about these rumors? Let me know and leave your comments below! Thanks for reading.


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