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Now that we've seen many of the new characters for Marvel's Phase 3 in Captain America: Civil War, I decided I would rank Marvel's upcoming slate, based on how much I'm looking forward to seeing each film. Of course, seeing what these characters are like before choosing is pretty key, so I thought now was the ideal opportunity! Bear in mind this is obviously just my opinion - feel free to comment your list below.

So lets begin...

8. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Kicking off my list and sadly in last place, is James Gunn's space sequel. Whilst I loved the first movie, it felt pretty far removed from the MCU itself. Unlike many of the other films in Phase 3, where new characters or ones we love will be appearing, I don't feel so excited about seeing the Guardians reprise their roles. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure it'll be great, but I'm less excited about seeing this story and these characters develop, than I am about the rest of the MCU story.

7. Captain Marvel

Now this is a concept that I'm super excited for; a female lead superhero film from Marvel with Carol Danvers at the forefront. But whilst the concept is exciting, I don't know anything about the film yet, and it seems a long way off. Once casting begins and we see some footage I'm sure this will creep further up the list, but for now I know too little to be overly hyped for this.

6. Ant-Man and The Wasp

I loved Ant-Man, and I'm sure this will be a really fun movie, but I don't really feel like we'll be getting anything new here particularly. Sure I can't wait to see 'The Wasp,' it's just that I'm more pumped for other up-coming movies with more exciting things to offer.

5. Doctor Strange

This is another film where the concept intrigues me. In fact, now that we know a lot more about the film, it's even more exciting - principally the fact that Benedict Cumberbatch stars as the lead. But the reason it's not higher up my list is simply because the teaser just didn't wow me. Perhaps it's because the visual effects aren't ready to show, but it just didn't seem wierd enough. We'll have to wait and see nearer the time when more marketing material has come out.

4. Spider-Man Homecoming

Now I'm not the biggest fan of Spider-Man's previous outings on the big screen, so before 'Civil War' this would have been a lot further down. However, Tom Holland absolutely killed it, and that scene with RDJ was just brilliant. It's that that gets me super excited for the solo debut of the new MCU web-slinger, and I hope I'll have every reason to.

3. Thor: Ragnarok

Now the reason I'm so excited for this is because I just want to see a good Thor sequel. We've had a really great origin, but I found Thor: The Dark World boring and repetitive. So, if Taika Waititi's track record is anything to go by, we might be in for a treat with Ragnarok! No, I'm not the biggest Thor fan overall, but with the Hulk confirmed in a team-up scenario, this is a very exciting prospect indeed.

2. Black Panther

Before 'Civil War' I was excited, but not too hyped for this. But Chadwick Boseman's character in 'Civil War' was one of the absolute stand-out performances of the whole film. The accent, the fighting style and even the regal nature of his character intrigues me so much. The cherry on top of he cake of excitement comes not only in the form of his post-credits in Civil War, but also in the fact that the amazingly talented Ryan Coogler is directing his solo film. This looks to be a truly winning combination.

1. Avengers: Infinity War (Parts I & II)

Tell me how not to get excited about this. Seeing the 2 films that are a culmination of the entire MCU, will be like a dream come true. That is of course, if they pull it off; but I have every confidence in the Russos. Yes, I prefer Whedon's directorial style, but I hope them and Marvel can deliver us the epic vibe we've all been waiting for.

That's my list, and I'd be intrigued to hear yours in the comments! 'Captain America: Civil War' got the ball rolling for Phase 3, and if you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend it.

The next MCU film 'Doctor Strange,' debuts on November 4th 2016 domestically


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