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By now, a lot of us have watched [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409).

This post will be riddled with spoilers so buyer beware. Again, there will be LOTS of spoilers so.... here we go.

As a dedicated DC Fanboy, I first want to preface this post with saying I thoroughly enjoyed Civil War. I don't compare it to Batman Vs Superman as, though they have similar themes, they are tonally different. But I hate to say it but that after viewing Cap's latest outing, Marvel's flagship hero, Iron Man himself, is the ultimate villain of this movie.

Marvel catches a very bad rep for having thinly motivated villains. Most of their villains are "one hitters" and they're done. But with Captain America: Civil War, aside from Baron Zemo, a heavy amount of the weight of the role of "the villain" falls on Mr. Stark for multiple reasons, and I'm going to dig right into them now.

Reason #1: Tony Stark is the reason for the Sokovia Accords.

Almost every example that General Ross gives to demonstrate that the Avengers need a leash put on them stem from something Tony Stark created. While the events of New York weren't Tony's fault at all, Sokovia most certainly was (Ultron), the heli-carriers that he updated had a hand in the destruction in Winter Soldier... and yet, he's pushing the blame across the board to everyone. While it may not be fair to add in the destruction in Winter Soldier to Tony, Sokovia weighs heavy on him for his "Mad Scientist" creation of Ultron.

Reason #2: Using Miriam Sharpe's son as an excuse to justify the Sokovia Accords, simply to ignore them.

I'm sorry Ms Sharp
I'm sorry Ms Sharp

This is something that actually made me really dislike Tony in Civil War. The moment he brings up Miriam Sharp's son to Cap and the rest of the Avengers was pretty hard to watch. The emotion and motivation was believable. I sympathized with Tony in this moment. Realizing that his actions... his alone, were the reason for the death of Miriam's son. And then I lost all sympathy when he unraveled his remorse by recruiting Spider-Man. Miriam described her son as being a young adult who was helping to build sustainable housing in Sokovia so he wasn't a preteen. Tony uses this to push the agenda that the Accords needed to be signed, and they needed to be reigned in. But when it comes time to bring Cap in, he's given 36 hours to do so. So he flies all the way to Queens... to recruit: A teenager. Sure this teenager has powers and reflexes, but even when Spider-Man mentions that he's only been web slinging for 6 months, Tony believes it's a good idea to throw him into the mix of a super powered brawl with trained assassins, super powered soldiers and a witch. A WITCH. I don't care what super powers this kid has (unless he was a god like Thor), the kid was untested, under age, and for Tony to just throw him in the deep end was completely callous.

Reason #3: Blind Rage

When it is revealed that the Winter Soldier was (under mind control) responsible for the death of the Starks... even though Tony is aware that Bucky was under Hydra's control, he crosses the line of being okay with becoming a murderer. I understand that he was dealing with unresolved issues (noted at the beginning of the movie), but even though he had already reconciled with Cap, that was all washed way with his blind rage. Some might say that the revelation took him to a place of temporary insanity and there was simply no stopping him. But once again, there is no remorse. Only justification. Taking that step. Crossing that line of finding a reason to break the law without consequence is where Tony Stark makes his way to the "Dark side".

All in all, the three instances above made me hold firm to being Team Cap all day long. Captain America proved his point by cleaning house personally in the act of taking Iron Man down. Not killing him, just stopping him. He protected the one that couldn't protect himself. He found the truth, revealed it, and walked away. The only fault in the final battle was the revelation that Cap knew all along about Bucky's involvement.

I think that over the next few Marvel movies, there will be further repercussions to Tony's actions. Both personally and to the team at large. What did you think after watching Civil War? Are you still Team Iron Man, Team Cap, or has your allegiance changed?


After Seeing Captain America: Civil War, are you still Team IronMan or Team Cap?


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