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It was recently reported by Deadline just days ago, that Russell Crowe would be signing on to play the character of Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde in the upcoming Alex Kurtzman directed monster reboot, The Mummy. Well, we can now say that this information has been officially confirmed by Crowe himself, as he recently sat down for an interview with Collider's Christina Radish to discuss his upcoming role in the Shane Black written and directed film, The Nice Guys, and had this to say concerning the alleged casting:

Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling in 'The Nice Guys'
Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling in 'The Nice Guys'
Question: Are you officially doing The Mummy?
CROWE: Yeah, I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna play Dr. Henry Jekyll, Fellow of the Royal Society. It’s very interesting, what they’re gonna do with that stuff. I’ve had a couple of chats about it with the director (Alex Kurtzman). I’ve known Tom Cruise since 1992, or something like that. When he was married to an Australian, I was really good friends with him. But when he got divorced, I was part of the settlement package, and I went to Nicole [Kidman].

To anyone even somewhat looking forward to the monster movie reboot, this casting has to be seen as a big coup for, not only the film, but the entire franchise as well. Ever since Universal Studios unveiled their plans for a Monster Cinematic Universe only a couple years ago, many fans, and even a number of individuals inside the industry were a bit skeptical to say the least. With the signing of humongous Hollywood movie star Tom Cruise to star in Kurtzman's reboot for The Mummy, many started to take the idea of a shared universe, or at least the film a bit more seriously. But now, with the casting of Academy Award winning actor Russell Crowe, it is apparent that the studio is looking to hire big name talent in order to add real star power behind these projects. This sentiment holds especially true when considering Johnny Depp is slated to star in yet another of the studio's big reboots, The Invisible Man.

Crowe and Depp alongside their future characters
Crowe and Depp alongside their future characters

With only one directorial feature film to the credit of Alex Kurtzman thus far – the critically panned drama People Like Us (2012) – Radish was also curious as to the direction of the upcoming film.

Question: Are you confidant in what Alex Kurtzman is going to do?

: Yeah. He really understands the world and he’s been around a long time, on a lot of big projects. He knows how to get something from an idea on the page onto a soundstage and into a camera. Sure, I would imagine he’s scared shitless right about now, and having a hard time sleeping because he’s got ten million things on his mind right now. But when we started talking about this idea, there were a few things I put up in the air and he picked up on them. Those kinds of creative collaborative conversations, if they’re explosive like that from the first time you start talking, and somebody says something that goes off in your mind and that bumps up something that you say and that other person bounces off of that, you’re actually in a really good place. How they’ve pulled all of this stuff forward into a contemporary world and how they’re building it out from there, and how all of the different character interweave into each other’s stories, it’s fantastic.

Additionally, when Crowe was asked how this film would differ from the Brendan Fraser-led trilogy, he adamantly stated that this version is "designed to scare the shit out of you."

Brendan Fraser terrified in 'The Mummy'
Brendan Fraser terrified in 'The Mummy'

So, there you have it. The reboot for this monster flick, will not only feature some serious star power, but will also serve as more of a return to the horror genre. Whether or not Kurtzman's re-envisioning will turn out to be a full-on horror film remains to be seen, but it does sound like this reboot will have far more scares than the 1999 version.

'The Mummy' is slated to hit theaters June 9, 2017. Are you excited about a scarier reboot to this franchise? What do you make of Russell Crowe's comments, and the Monster Cinematic Universe as a whole? Make sure to let me here it in the comments section.


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