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[Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) has hit theaters, and it's about damn time! I have written a dozen articles just about this movie and have mentioned it in plenty of others. I have finally seen my most anticipated movie of 2016 two times now, and I was not disappointed one bit. Captain America: Civil War didn't just live up to my expectations (which were substantially high), but exceeded them. In mine and many other fan's opinions, Captain America: Civil War is the best MCU movie to date.

Anyways, I think you guys get the point: I REALLY liked this movie. Some fans are starting to address some of the problems they had with the film. Usually, I respect people's opinions even though they may be polar opposites to mine and I understand where they are coming from. However, most of the problems people have brought to my attention, whether it be my friends, fans/followers of me here on Movie Pilot or of my YouTube channel, or just people on the internet are pretty ridiculous. So, let's address these "problems" with the movie and shut them down.

Oh, and if you haven't figured it out by now, SPOILERS LIE AHEAD for 'Captain America: Civil War'

1. Baron Zemo is a Bad Villain

The "Problem": Marvel did it once again: introduced a bad villain. Zemo was a very bland villain whose plan is ludicrously convoluted. He makes five crazy powerful assassins only to kill them in an attempt to lure Captain America and Iron Man to him. Why can't Marvel get better with its villains?

Shutting it Down: It is true that a lot of the villains in the Marvel Cinematic Universe have been underwhelming. However, Zemo is one of the better Marvel villains, as he had multiple layers to him and had something a lot of Marvel villains lacked: a justified purpose. Zemo's family was brutally murdered by the Avengers and he wanted revenge. He knows that no matter what he would do, the Avengers would win, as they always do. Therefore, if the Avengers always win, the only way to defeat them is to have them fight themselves.

He pins Bucky for killing King T'Challa and many other people, which causes many emotional conflicts and starts the Civil War itself. Then, Zemo kills the man who was supposed to go and speak to Bucky. When Zemo gets into the facility, he finds a way to kill the power and say the "special words" to brainwash Bucky. All of these actions lead Captain America, Iron Man, and Bucky to an isolated place where he shows Tony visual proof that the Winter Soldier had killed his parents, which leads to a huge brawl.

Obviously, no one ends up dying and it appears that Zemo's plan didn't work. However, at the end of the movie where Everest Ross (played by Martin Freeman) is speaking with Zemo, Ross tells him that his diabolical plan failed, which Zemo replies "Did it?" This movie did an amazing job with Zemo as he was a menacing antagonist who pulled all the strings behind the film. They also did a great job setting him up for the future of the MCU. This will not be the last we see this fantastic villain as there is a reason Marvel cast such a talented actor for the role. Masters of Evil anyone?

2. Nobody Ends Up Dying


The "Problem": Nobody died, which meant such a big event [the Civil War itself] didn't leave a mark, there was barely any consequences. The death of a character would have pushed the story forward (such as Rhodey, Cap, or Tony) and left much more of an emotional impact moving forward.

Shutting it Down: Before I even begin to defend why no one had to die, let us not forget that Peggy Carter died towards the beginning of the film. Even though she is not one of the Avengers, her death still had an impact on the story. At her funeral, it is her death and the speech by Sharon Carter that followed which motivated Cap to not give up and fight for his rights. Other deaths such as the death of King T'Chakka moved Black Panther forward and the death of Tony's parents moved Iron Man forward. Also, you cannot forget all of the innocent lives lost in the movie or in past movies that caused the Civil War itself and effected all of the Avengers and the world. So, saying there are no deaths at all is an absurd thing to say, and just because an Avenger didn't kick the bucket doesn't mean there was no mark left.

Given that, what purpose would an Avenger's death have? The emotional stakes were already set and Rhodey's injury was all they needed to do; a death was not necessary. If someone was killed off, whether it be Cap, Tony, or anyone else, they would only be coming back to life for Avengers: Infinity Wars. This is the movie where all of the Marvel characters come together and after it, things will never be the same again. It would be incomplete without one of the Avengers if they died in this movie, just like we felt the absence of Hulk and Thor.

Not to go into this topic, but this is one of many things that Captain America: Civil War did better than Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice killed off Superman, only to bring him back in the next movie. Marvel probably considered killing off Captain America, but they knew that they would most likely end up having to bring him back for the big finale using the Time Gem or some other way. There is no way Avengers: Infinity Wars would be complete without all of its characters, especially Captain America, who is arguably the main character of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Period.

3. Spider-Man Was Forced Into the Movie

The "Problem": Spider-Man was exciting to see and all, but he was just forced into the film for money purposes. There were many other ways and even other movies Marvel could have used to incorporate Spider-Man into the MCU. Out of all the heroes in New York, why did Tony go to Peter Parker, and how did he know he was Spider-Man? They literally brought him in for the airport battle to show him off and they discarded him. His costume was very bad CGI and looked like a cartoon, which took me out of the movie.

Shutting It Down: These are a lot of the main problems people had with Spider-Man, and I disagree with them completely. If this wasn't Marvel introducing their biggest character into their multi-billion dollar movie franchise for the first time ever, it could be argued that the character was crammed into the film. When Marvel and Sony made their deal, Captain America: Civil War was already being worked on. One part of the deal was to introduce the new Spidey before the release of his own solo film. They decided to give him a small role in Captain America: Civil War to introduce him. People complain about him being forced in but then say he was awesome in it. He had the perfect amount of screen time and was mind-blowing. In only 30 minutes of screen time, fans knew we had the best Peter Parker/Spider-Man we have seen on screen thus far. I would not be able to wait another 14 months to see him on the big screen!

How did Tony Stark know he was Peter Parker? Well, Tony is very smart and probably tracked Spider-Man back home one day. It's not that hard, especially for Iron Man himself. He picked Spider-Man because he is unique. Daredevil, The Punisher, Luke Cage, all of these characters are just street fighters who are good at fighting street level villains. Spider-Man is stronger and has powerful superpowers. Tony Stark was amazed at the abilities that Spider-Man provided. He was even more amazed when he found out that his identity was Peter Parker, whom he was already aware of before because of his science knowledge (confirmed by the Russo brothers themselves). Here's what the screenwriters for the film said:

"I think, he's been keeping tabs on the world, and he knows about this one kid," Markus says. "I think in some ways, there's a motivation having been accused of killing a young kid earlier in the movie to 'Maybe I can rebuild karmically some of what I've lost by helping this kid along.' And he's there, and he's available. And Tony's desperate." (Source: IGN)

Everyone says that Spider-Man's new costume is the best one ever and is ripped right out of the comics, but then complain that it is heavily CGI-based. Of course it has some CGI like all the other costumes, but there is an actual practical suit. The suit is so "comic book-y" that it looks a bit out of place, almost like Captain America's suit in The Avengers. It doesn't look that bad in the actual movie theater in HD when he's swinging around at all. Plus, it was confirmed that Spider-Man will get a costume upgrade.

4. Iron Man and Black Widow Siding with the Government

The "Problem": Tony Stark and Natasha Romanoff are the last people you would see siding with the government. Both of them had stuck their middle fingers to the government and had told them to f*** off. Now when the government comes in and tries to control the Avengers completely, they are the first ones to side with the government. What a total change of character.

Striking it Down: It's the same thing with Black Panther, it's called character development. Both Tony and Natasha have been in multiple films and have really developed since then. With Tony, he has seen everything he has created go into the wrong hands. He had created a robot who tried to destroy the world. He realized that the Avengers needed to be put in check.

Black Widow didn't decide right away like Tony did. She took a while to decide whether she was going to sign the Sokovia Accords or not and really was wishy-washy the whole time. At the end of the day, she realized that Cap was right as she helped Steve and Bucky escape to the Quinjet.


Do you guys agree with my points?

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