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It's May 8th!

Happy 35th Birthday Mr. Amell! And Happy Mother's Day to the woman that birthed him! You da best.

Over the years, Stephen Amell has quickly grown to be one of many fan favorite actors. As he still holds his role as Arrow's Oliver Queen, his life outside of Arrow is as quite as awesome as well. And here's why!

1) Stephen Amell portrays Oliver Queen better than anyone else you can think of:

I mean, look at him!

2) Stephen runs his own Facebook page unlike many public figures who have their PR manage it. He clearly loves interacting with his fans and being vocal on many aspect of things which is very admirable, if you ask me.

With his Facebook posts or his pre recorded video and live videos, he sure nows how to make his fans happy. Sure gets me happy!

*heart eyes*

3) Stephen is great when it comes to campaigns and bringing about awareness to certain things that he holds close to his heart.

And he sorta kinda likes making a campaign shirt for a word he totally made up. Remember Sinceriously?!

4) He's a freaking awesome father to the adorable Mavi Amell. She's so cute, she looks just like him. And like he never fails to not show how much he loves her and how much a genuine dad he is to her.

And we enjoyed seeing her grow along the years with her daddy by her side.

5) Stephen Amell WINS at Instagram. It's not a real thing but you know, just play along. I mean, he even thinks so too. Like whoever is in charge of taking his perf pictures, let me know! It's aesthetically pleasing to look at.

Am I right?

Happy Birthday again, Stephen!


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