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[SPOILER WARNING: Episode 'Untimely Resurrection' of Outlander is discussed here. Turn back if you don't want it to be spoiled for you]

In the aftermath of last week's brawl in the Fraser residence, 'Untimely Resurrection' takes off with Murtagh and Jamie arrested at the Bastille, along with the star-crossed Alexander Randall. Alex is no longer an employee of the Duke of Sandringham and is now being accused of raping Mary. This episode of also gives us some respite on the Jack Randall issue and, sadly, yet another feud between Jamie and Claire.

There was no Fergus - except for a sleeping one - and no Louise or Master Raymond, which gave way for fresh character interactions with Alex Randall and Jamie's former flame Annalise. Here are the top moments for Outlander this week, with much of the Randall drama that was going on.

Black Jack Is Back

I suppose after seeing the title for this episode, it was pretty clear we would have a ghost from the past crash with our beloved Frasers once more. Still, the reveal of Jack Randall being in Versailles was somewhat unsettling, even if his reasons for being there were legit. Since he's acquainted with the Duke of Sandringham, he thought he'd speak to the Duke on behalf of his brother Alex, but Jack ran into the King's entourage and Mrs.Fraser instead.

As always, Jack is hostile towards Claire, only this time it's more in an ironic kind of way, instead of a vulgar and jealous one. Yes, we might have known he was coming back at some point, but we weren't quite ready for it yet. All that, because we knew what seeing Jack Randall would do to Jamie, which is pretty evident in this episode, in the way Jamie avoids any eye contact with Randall throughout most of their encounter in front of King Louis of France.

Despite being impulsive, Jamie knows what's expected of him and what's at stake with his roll in the rebellion, so he plays his part perfectly...until he doesn't. After leaving Jack Randall behind - being laughed at by the King and his followers, I might add - Jamie walks back to his nemesis and has a brief conversation, which we aren't privy to. Later, we discover all about it and it does very little to make things better.

Jamie And Claire At Odds Again

Well, duh.

If you witness the utter devastation of your beloved's body, mind and soul, then remove the dagger from your beloved's hand right at the moment revenge is being served, you're bound to couple's therapy.

Jamie is giddy as a kid when he returns home from seeing Jack Randall alive, because he has challenged Jack to a duel and the man accepted. It seems Jamie will indeed have the opportunity to lash his rage out on Randall, and eventually kill him, but Claire gets in the way. She goes to the Bastille and accuses Randall of being hers and Mary Hawkins's attacker, thus making sure there will be no duel after all.

In her defense, Claire intervenes for the best of reasons, to save both Jamie and the life of an unborn Frank Randall. As logic has it, if Jamie does succeed in killing Jack Randall, who is Frank's ancestor by the way, then the latter will never even be born. Plus, dueling is prohibited in France, so if Jamie gets caught, Claire will be left without her two husbands. So, to stop him, she procedes to claim a life that Jamie owns her, for the two times she has saved his own.

Of course Jamie doesn't see it as fair and square, considering that Claire is choosing Frank's life over his own redemption. Truth be told, Jamie has been quite the good sport with this whole second husband story, but things are more complicated than that. He eventually caves, promising her to wait a year until he kills Jack Randall, since by this time Jack might have impregnated Mary Hawkins, thus saving Frank's future.

Claire Plays With Destiny

Since she's technically from the future, Claire sometimes goes all the way to make sure the future she knows comes to be, or not. With the Jacobite rebellion, it's a big no-no, but where Frank is concerned, she'll go to great lengths to make sure his part of the story remains unchanged.

From Frank's family tree, Claire knows he's a descendant of Frank Randall and Mary Hawkins, and she does her best to keep things that way. After freeing Alexander Randall from prison, with the help of a letter from his beloved Mary, Claire moves on to destroying any future Mary and Alex might have had. She breaks young Alex's heart, by letting him see how miserable Mary's life with him would be and by the time Alex departs, he has his mind set on breaking things off with Mary.

It all goes according to Claire's plan, though I don't think she's factored in the fact that Jack and Alex are brothers and that, if Jack does indeed marry Mary Hawkins, the two once love birds are destined to meet again, as in-laws this time.

A Germain-Fraser Joint Venture

Against all odds, Jamie and the Comte San Germain are now business partners, courtesy of an arrangement by Prince Charlie. The Prince needs money for his rebellion and he firmly believes that buying and selling some wine will make this money come his way.

What the Prince lacks, however, is enough discernment to realize such a venture will never work. He paired San Germain's ability to find good wine with Jamie's ability to sell it for the best price, all the while misjudging good manners from the gentlemen for true friendship. Since Jamie and San Germain hate each other, I'm sure Prince Charlie will eventually have to find his money elsewhere.

It all paid off in the scene Jamie and San Germain meet to talk business, though. The two of them together give off a good rivalry vibe, much less sick than the one we get by seeing Jack Randall even look at Jamie or Claire.

Next week's promo shows us that things between Claire and Jamie will bounce back pretty quickly. There's also some scenes that may lead to the conclusion that Jamie might not keep his promise to Claire after all. For book readers specifically, we're venturing into sad territory.

Outlander airs every Saturday, on Starz.


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