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Warning! Videos are NSFW! Proceed with caution!

Happy Mother's Day to all those amazing women who have raised us and taught us valuable lessons throughout the years! Not only do they play pivotal roles within our lives, movies and television shows have a multitude of motherly roles. There's the strong, overbearing type like Cersei Lannister on Game of Thrones, the comical and embarrassing such as Mrs. George in Mean Girls and the unpredictable wildcards like Arnold's Grandmother in Hey Arnold. Other homages over the years include many tribute songs from popular bands and artists like 2Pac, Carrie Underwood, and Boyz 2 Men. But when the two universes combine, it makes for viral hits! Case in point, who could forget about the hilarious Lonely Island song featuring Justin Timberlake?

It's no doubt that Lonely Island produces some of the most hilarious and well known comedy songs around. The group became a cult favorite during their time on SNL with their songs "I'm on a Boat (ft. T-Pain)," "Jack Sparrow (ft. Michael Bolton)" and "Natalie's Rap (w/ Natalie Portman)." But if you're looking for something slightly more PG, you're search is over!

One actor in Hollywood who is well known for his creativity is Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Along with the diversity of his on screen roles, he is also one of the owner and creators of HitRecord, a website dedicated to the collaboration and cultivation of creative minds. Writers, musicians, singers, actors, editors, artists and everything in between can find a voice on the site whether it is producing their own content, piggy backing off of another individual's submission or crowd sourcing their concepts. The website became a huge success, even spawning off into a television show HitRecord on TV.

Each episode is dedicated to a specific theme and multiple interpretations of said theme (if you need clarification as to what that all means, here's the first episode!). In a season two episode entitled "Your Mom," JGL made a special video highlighting the more attractive aspects of motherhood. See for yourself:

This year Hollywood is rolling out two different takes on motherhood. One of which being the film Mother's Day featuring Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts, Kate Hduson and Jason Sudeikis. In July, another mom-centered movie will be hitting theaters entitled Bad Moms with yet another star-studded cast with the likes of Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, Kathyn Hahn, Jada Pinkett Smith and Christina Applegate.

Regardless of how we look at mother's, let's all say thanks for everything and anything they have done. After all, we literally would not be here without them.

What's your favorite spin on mothers in media? Leave a comment!

If it's this..... you might have no soul...
If it's this..... you might have no soul...

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