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See how it's still technically mother's day, I thought it would be nice to put together a list of some of the worst mothers in comic book history. When you're done reading this, I hope you give your mom and call, tell her happy mother's day, and remind her how happy you are that she didn't abandon you, torture you, or teach you how to slaughter the crews of entire ships.

Come to think of it, that would make the best mother's day card! Eat your heart out, Hallmark!

Talia Al Ghul

Talk about a lady you do NOT want to knock up after taking a break from dressing up like a bat to have a one night stand with. But she deals with little Damian in a way you would expect from the kind of person she is; after training him to be a deadly assassin, she ends up putting a bounty on his head, and ends up dying by the Heretic, one of his mom's agents. Oh, and the Heretic was a clone of the adult version of Damian, if that adds to the family drama.

Martha Wayne

This is kind of an odd addition to this list, but is here for one reason. After her death, her son became one screwed up mess, dressing up as a bat and fighting crime to avenge his parents' death. I know, papa Wayne could have helped his son to not become a vigilante, but with him away at work all day, mama Wayne could have possibly taught her son how to cope with something as natural as death in a little bit better manner. Possibly his only lesson in coping came when the Waynes were murdered...little too late there, guys.


It's hard to imagine this blue lady having kids, at least the comic book version of her. She has two biological kids and one adopted, and manages to screw up her relationship with all three. And by screw up, I don't mean not let them have ice cream for dessert. I'm talking abandoning Creed and Nightcrawler, murdering Creed, and adopting Rogue purely for her own gain.

So next time you don't get dessert, think about how much worse it could be.

Sylvie Joanna Kovacs

When your baby boy grows up to be a crimefighter that wears a mask with moving inkblots, and calls himself Rorschach, you know you did something wrong. But when you're a child-abusing prostitute who actually has her johns come over when your kid is around, you should know he's going to probably be a screwy grown-up.

Just look at that picture of lovely Sylvie above one more time to see how wonderful a mother she was!


Here's a story line that I never even knew existed! Sorry if that kills some of my street cred...

Lor-Zod, a.k.a. Christopher Kent, was the son of General Zod and Ursa, and foster son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane. If you thought being born and raised on the south side of the tracks was bad, try imagining being conceived and raised in the Phantom Zone by your intergalactic criminal parents. To make matters worse, Ursa abused and tortured her son while in the Zone. What, was she trying to raise another Shinzon? Oh wait, she might have been...


Alien Queen

What kind of mother encourages her offspring to latch onto peoples' faces and burst from their chests? Oh, yeah! A super ugly alien mom.

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