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From incest, to jealousy and loving the same girl, all the way to wanting to lead alien worlds and civilizations just because your bro gets to, there have been some siblings in the comic book world with some serious issues to work out. Whether it be therapy, jail, incineration or the phantom zone, they really need some intervention.

Here is a list that covers just some of the brother/sister duos in the comics that could really use a talk with Dr. Phil.

Scarlet Witch/Quicksilver

Ah, the Maximoff Wackimoff twins of the Ultimate Universe. Not only did the writers come right out and say these two were keepin' it in the fam, but they corrupted the mind of innocent little Captain America. Poor Steve never knew what to think or say, except maybe...


The half-brother of the Black Panther, Jakarra becomes...uh...General Jakarra, a big purple monster. All because he was jealous of his more famous half-sibling T'Chaka and his kick-ass Panther alter ego, and how his dad like T'Chaka more.

Aquaman/Ocean Master

Another half-brother of a famous crime-fighting nice guy, Ocean Master also wanted Aquaman's girl. Not sure if daddy had any favorites here, but since Aquaman was the king of Atlantis, and OM wanted to be, one can assume daddy like Aquaboy the best. And when Ocean Master started going coo-coo for cool tridents, actuallyselling his soul for them, that's when things go from bad to worse for the half-brothers' relationship.

Juggernaut/Charles Xavier

"I'm the Juggernaut, Bitch!"

Love that scene!

Anyway, here we go with another tale of daddy loved him best. The worst part? Kurt Marko, Cain's father, marries Charles' mother Sharon Xavier after her husband Brian dies...and then Kurt starts liking Charles more than Cain, and actually starts abusing Cain. How's that for a kick in the 'nauts!


This is a sibling rivalry, albeit an adopted one, that needs no introduction. In the movies, we've only seen a smidgeon of what their love/hate (Thor loves Loki, Loki hates Thor) relationship has become. The fact that Loki is adopted, and can never rule Asgard like his brother, doesn't help matters.


Readers, you fill in the bonus entry to the list! Who would you like to see get an honorable mention?


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