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I was initially going to use the word “pets” in this list's name, but when I came across Rocket Raccoon, I figured I'd better change it. Because Rocket is NOBODY'S pet! He's just Groot's buddy.

Here are some of the best and worst pets, furry friends, and animal buddies ever to be drawn in our comic books!

Superman & Supergirl


The only real memory I have of Krypto is in one of the oldest Superman comics I have, the “Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow story.” In it, Krypto bites the neck of the Kryptonite man, killing them both, and sacrificing himself for the greater good. So, I'm a bit partial to this pup!

Streaky the Supercat

One day, a normal housecat. The next, with the help of a piece of discarded kryptonite that Supergirl was messing with, Streaky the Supercat!


This horse is on the fence between the best and the worst. While it's cool that Supergirl has a horse that used to be a Greek centaur, and has superpowers, it's a little weird that every time a comet passes through the solar system (isn't that all the time?), he becomes human, and him and SG fall in love.

Kinda gives Quicksilver and ScarWitch a run for their weird money, eh?


A test monkey from Krytpon, Beppo snuck aboard Kal-El's ship and tagged along for the ride to Earth. He had similar powers to Superman, but it was a good move on the moviemakers to skip adding Beppo to the 100s of Superman origin stories we've seen.

This little chimp belongs more on the 'worst' side of this list.



A giant bulldog who can teleport things. Hell yeah!

Ozymandias (The Watchmen)


A genetically engineered Lynx. Another hell yeah!


Ace the Bat-Hound

Batman and Robin's little helper, he appeared in the comics and Batman Beyond, the cartoon.


Based off of Ace, Titus was bought by Bruce from Crow Kennel, and gave him to his son Damian. Let's hope Titus's dog mom wasn't a homicidal maniac mama dog who sent hitmen (hitdogs?) after her dog sons.


Batman's favorite go-to pet, they helped him out of some pretty tight jams. And never once gave him rabies or shat on his cape!


Pizza Dog

First appearing in Hawkeye #1 in 2012, Pizza Dog, or Lucky, was rescued by Clint Barton, and ended up being the star of one of the best comics of all time. Hawkeye #11 was told through the eyes of Lucky. No super powers, just a good boy!

Little boy who lost his turtles

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

While the kid only had his pet turtles for probably only a matter of minutes, before the TCRI truck caused a chain of events that led to them becoming the heroes in a half shell!

Kitty Pryde


Dragons aren't real! How could Kitty have a pet dragon? Oh wait, neither are X-Men, I guess. But Lockheed was an alien dragon, so that makes it believable.


Rocket Raccoon

Great with a gun and in a fight, he has a very tight bond with Groot. He also never would have been born had the Beatles not sung the song “Rocky Raccoon.”

Here's the best YouTube has to offer for that song...



More than just a birdbrained companion, Redwing and Falcon share a telepathic link that allows them to see through each other eye's.



Not sure what to think about this canine, except that his faithfulness to Lobo was definitely unbreakable. At one point, Lobo, hating the dog so much, apparently stomped him to death. Is there a PETA for the comics book world?



Trained by Green Arrow. Makes stuff. Is a trapeze artist. Can play at least five musical instruments. And lands squarely on the 'worst' part of this list.

Storm the Seahorse

Another odd pet of Aquaman's, at least this one served a purpose; he could be ridden and had a telepathic link with Arthur. Oh wait...Aquaman can swim as fast as Superman can run, and had a telepathic link with every sea animal. Neeeever mind.


Pretty much any pet or animal friend Aquaman has is going to be on the 'worst of' list, especially a dog that can't swim. No wonder Aquaman got made fun of so much!

Wonder Woman

Jumpa the Kanga

Sometimes, Wonder Woman and her fellow Amazonianites felt like riding giant alien kangaroos. Wouldn't you do that if you got the chance?

Cheetah (Wonder Woman's arch nemesis)


Cheetah's pet Cheetah!


Ms. Lion

This was actually Aunt May's little doggy, and was a normal doggy, except for that time he joined the Pet Avengers and got some telepathic powers thanks to the Mind Gem. And the fact that he's a he, and Aunt May named him Ms. Lion. But whatevs.

Did I miss any superanimals? Let me know in the comments!


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