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Spoilers if you haven't kept up with the new episode of Game of Thrones! Good, that's all the warning you're going to get. So, the first couple episodes of season 6 have been on the slower side. It feels sort of like the calm before the storm.

The writers seem to be taking their time getting some stories started and makes me wonder if the are sort of spinning their wheels until they find out from George R.R. Martin what the end of his books will be. I'm going to do a rapid fire recap and pose some questions to everyone on where they think stories will be heading this season. Obviously some big ones include who do you think will die?

Also, on my YouTube channel I do a weekly show called Game of Thrones for Dummies where I give a snarky and sassy rapid fire recap of the episodes in about 4 minutes or less. If you would like to check that out here is the episode for "Oathbreaker."

The Important Stuff

When I mean important, I mean scenes from the episode that really furthered some plot of stories instead of just tiny check-ins that feel forced. I picked 3 of the best scenes that stuck out the most:

1. Jon Snow

After gasping to life in the final scene of last episode, we pick back up seconds after what we just saw. Jon is asked by Davos what he saw after he died and Jon simply answers that he saw nothing. He did however remember that Olly was one of the people to stab him.

Everyone is obviously in awe to see the Lord Commander walking around like he wasn't just stabbed multiple times only hours prior. What probably had fans cheering all over the world was Jon wasted no time in seeking justice. He hangs Ser Alliser Thorne, Olly and the other traitors for their crime of rebelling. That's right. Even little Olly got what was coming to him. The best line was after Jon handed his cloak to his friend Edd and says "now my watch has ended." That's right! Jon Snow is leaving the Night's Watch! Where will he head to? Will he rally some northerners and the wildlings to take back Winterfell? I'm not sure but I can't wait to see.

2. Tower of Joy Flashback

Book readers or wiki readers like myself have been waiting to see this flashback for a long time. If you're strictly a show watcher I won't spoil what may follow this. I'll just hint that you hear a woman screaming before Young Ned runs up the stairs... Could be key coming next week...

I do think that this is important because it shows Bran that even though his father Ned was an honorable man, he wasn't always telling the truth about everything. It was a kick ass action sequence with Ser Arthur Dayne wielding two swords taking down a handful of men and seemingly would have killed Ned if it weren't for Howland Reed. During the flashback Bran also called out to his father where Young Ned turned as if he heard it.

Does Bran have the power to change time somehow?

Will he uncover secrets that can help the realm in some fashion?

It's really a shame they cut away so soon!

3. Arya Stark

Our favorite killer in training Arya continues learning how to fight with a staff even though she's blind. She is also tested mentally by the Waif about her past. Arya gets the sh*t kicked out of her during this Rocky-like montage sequence and finally learns to not only defend herself but out fight the Waif.

In her final test Jaqen gives Arya a liquid from that fountain we saw last season that seemingly kills whoever drinks it. Even though I think she knows this, she trusts Jaqen to give it a sip. Seconds later she has her vision back. FINALLY Arya's story went somewhere. The past 2 episodes she was just blind and getting hit with a stick. The sad thing is they could have shown all 3 of her scenes in a single episode. The writers are really stretching her story.

Now that she can see will she be given a new target?

Will she kill anyone on her list this season?

Who would you rather see her kill? Cersei or Walder Frey?

Honorable Mention: Shoutout to Varys who was a master interrogator this episode who found out who the Sons of the Harpy were.

The Not-so Important Stuff

Most of the other storylines in this episode took baby steps forward or even steps backwards. I almost had to go online and read another recap in order to remember all of these because nothing key at all happened. Those included:

-Cersei & Jamie interrupt a Small Council meeting

-Qyburn pays some children with candy to be his spies

-Tyrion has a hilariously awkward scene with Grey Worm and Missandei

-Tommen tries to confront the High Sparrow only to be out talked AGAIN

-Daenerys has a chit-chat with some other Khal widows

-Oh yeah and Samwell Tarley and Gilly pop up on a boat.

The only other story that is sort of in the middle between important and not is Ramsay Bolton at Winterfell. House Umber shows up and is seemingly not fooled by his story about Roose Bolton being "poisoned." House Umber gives Ramsay a present which is Rickon Stark, the youngest son who hasn't been seen since the end of season 3. I guess I don't care because he seems like the most useless character in the entire show. Who cares about Rickon?

Overall, this felt like an episode that could have taken most of these stories and either thrown them out the window or combined them with scenes in the previous episode to give them more time. I'm really not a fan when the show tries to cram too many storylines into one episode. When you have about 10 storylines and only 2-3 of them feel important, that is the bad side of that ratio you want to be on.

It's a toss up whether this felt worse or the same as the first episode of the season. C'mon Game of Thrones! We need some sh*t to start going down!

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