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Dory's character in Finding Nemo was a complex character. For every laugh at Dory's expense, there is sympathy and sadness for the little fish who lost her memory. Disney-Pixar will resolve Dory's hilarious yet somber story in Finding Dory. In Finding Dory, Dory (voiced by Ellen DeGeneres) will embark on a quest to find her parents. Nemo, and his father Marlin, will accompany Dory on her journey to regain her memory, connect with her parents, and answer the question, "Who am I ?"

Disney-Pixar released a new teaser trailer for Finding Dory. Have a look.

This movie looks like it will capture the essence of Finding Nemo and then some. In the teaser trailer, Dory all of a sudden remembers her parents and wants to find them. Better yet, she realizes she misses her mother even though she is clueless as to how they got separated in the first place. She actually may be clueless on the identity of her mother as well.

But the star moment of the teaser trailer occurs is after Nemo hugs Dory, and Dory spins Nemo around, saying "I have a family!"

Still part funny, still part tear jerker
Still part funny, still part tear jerker

The teaser trailer puts relationships, bonds, and recognizing the people closest to you on center stage. Even though it may be a bit formulaic at this point, this is the best possible approach for Disney-Pixar. Personally, I think the animation studio has a unique way of making its twenty-one year movie formula seem fresh with each new film. There is nothing new about the structure of the plot. But Disney-Pixar's talent lay in its ability to tell timeless stories in different ways, and with different characters,

I'm excited for this film. Heck, I'm excited for just about anything Disney-Pixar puts out. Finding Nemo, however, is a stand out animation film, and getting to once again experience that world with all of its conflicts will be a real summer cinema treat.


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