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We all know Luke, Han and Leia but the Star Wars universe is larger and wider than that which means that some characters where thrown in the background and some of them are forgotten. That is why this list will list all these characters that we forget to acknowledge when we talk about Star Wars.


Lobot appeared in Empire Strikes Back on Cloud City as Lando Calrissian. According to Star Wars Legends Lobot is connected to the Cloud City network through his headpiece. The headpiece was permanently attached to his skull when he was a child as a punishment. What makes Lobot a character worth remembering is his headpiece which is something we have never seen any other Star Wars movie and he also has intriguing look to him that cannot be placed.


IG-88 is another character that was featured in The Empire Strikes Back as one of the Bounty Hunters next to Boba Fett. He is not only a Bounty Hunter but also what you call an Assassin Droid. He is a notorious killer in the Star Wars Legends which makes him more interesting. This character is worthy to be on this list because of his unique design and backstory. It would be interesting to see IG-88 in a Boba Fett spin-off film if they make one.


R5-D4 is the red and white astromech droid that appears in a New Hope. Uncle Owen chooses to buy this droid but it explodes as he is getting bought from the Jawas. There was not much to this little droid in the film but he received a ridiculous backstory in the Star Wars Legends. Apparently he was a force sensitive(it's pretty stupid) and he blew up on purpose so that Uncle Owen bought R2-D2 because he had a vision into the future which told him that if Uncle Owen didn't buy R2-D2, Luke would not find the message from Princess Leia and they not end up defeating the empire. This is what makes this little droid a interesting background character because he has an "interesting" background.

Crix Madine

Crix Madine is a Rebel General in Return of the Jedi and he stands beside Mon Mothma in the scene where they discuss the plans for the second Death Star. He was part of Operation: Yellow Moon and was of course integral to the victory at the Battle of Endor. He is also rumoured to appear in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, hopefully we might get more from this background character.

The Devaronian

This character doesn't actually have a name but his species is called Devaronian. He appeared in A New Hope in the Mos Eisley Cantina. He/she is mostly known as "That devil dude in Star Wars". According to Star Wars Legends he actually is a war criminal and has the highest bounty ever placed by the Rebel Alliance. Boba Fett eventually caught him but nevertheless he was a visually interesting character.

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