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Now, Captain America: Civil War may have "only" managed the fifth biggest opening weekend in US box office history (and of course made close to $700 million worldwide in less than two weeks of release), but it seems that its not-quite-record-breaking-but-still-ridiculously-large opening has still led to a record being broken. Not, however, by the film itself, or even by Marvel Studios — but by Disney.

Y'see, it turns out that Disney — Marvel Studios' parent company — has pulled off something pretty darned impressive. Specifically:

Disney Just Broke Yet Another Huge Box Office Record With The Release Of Captain America: Civil War

This time around, though, it was more of a marathon-length achievement than it was a sprint, with Captain America: Civil War's $181 million haul this weekend taking Disney's domestic box office total for 2016 over $1 billion — the fastest a studio has made that much money in a calendar year.

The key to that success, though, lies less in the direction of Captain America: Civil War, and more with its two 2016 predecessors, Zootopia and The Jungle Book, both of which have exceeded expectations at the box office. With Zootopia currently clocking in with a $327 million haul in the US, and The Jungle Book closing in with $284 million domestically, the pair can take a whole lot of credit for the success — especially since they've also helped Disney to break a pair of similar records, making it the fastest studio to reach $2 billion in the international market, and $3 billion worldwide.

What's more, with another Marvel movie still to come in November (Doctor Strange), a Star Wars standalone movie arriving in December (Star Wars: Rogue One) and a series of potentially huge animations (Finding Dory, Moana) and kid-friendly live action movies (Alice Through the Looking Glass, The BFG, Pete's Dragon) hitting throughout the year, it's entirely possible that Disney could blow through a whole lot more records in the months to come.

The big question now, then?


Do you think Disney will make more money than any other studio this year?



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