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Sometimes one viewing of a movie is not enough to take in every hidden reference and Easter Egg — especially when we're talking Marvel. As a follow-up to an earlier piece tracking 5 Hidden Avengers Easter Eggs in 'Civil War,' here are another 10 that pay homage to Marvel Comics and previous events in the MCU.

WARNING: Things get spoilery beyond this point, obviously.

Civil War Spoilers on the horizon
Civil War Spoilers on the horizon

1. A Vision Of Quicksilver

Early in the movie, when Steve and Wanda have a discussion about what went down in Lagos — where Scarlet Witch lost control of her powers and put the Avengers in hot water with General Ross — a picture hangs on the wall in Wanda's room.

Scarlet Witch never forgets.
Scarlet Witch never forgets.

It's blink-and-you'll-miss-it stuff, but the picture seems to be of a blond-haired boy, which feels like a definite nod to Quicksilver, who did not survive Age of Ultron. Good to know one Maximoff twin lives on in the heart of the other.

2. Captain America, Issue 117

How many countries back the UN's Sokovia Accords? That would be 117 — which also happens to be the issue number of the Captain America comic book that introduces Falcon and Redwing. Of course, in the comics Redwing is an actual falcon, rather than a weird winged drone.

3. Spider-Man's New Toy

In the second post-credits scene, Peter Parker plays with a fairly awesome new toy gifted to him by Tony Stark: A projector with a Spider-Man logo that looks a bit like this web projector Spidey once beamed from his belt. The move from waist to wrist is a welcome upgrade.

Spider-Man, armed with projector and folding shoes.
Spider-Man, armed with projector and folding shoes.

Let's be honest: These pocket-friendly shoes are probably best left in the past.

4. Bucky's First Death

At first, the only one of Bucky's trigger words that struck a chord with me was "homecoming," an obvious Spider-Man Easter Egg, but on reflection, "freight train" is another nod to Winter Soldier's tragic past.

The numbers one, nine and 17 also come together to form Bucky's year of birth, 1917. Presumably the other five trigger words are random, but if anyone has any insight into a deeper meaning, I'd love to hear it.

5. Once A player

This one is technically a cheat, but in one of the viral videos for Ant-Man, WHIH reporter Christine Everhart grills Scott Lang from San Quentin State Prison via satellite. At one point she tells him: "Believe me, you're no Tony Stark," a nice throwback to their memorable one-night stand in Iron Man.

Everhart and WHIH News also feature in various virals for Civil War, for those among us who like to receive our news from mean, gorgeous blonde ladies with vendettas.

6. We Saw Thanos, Kind Of

One for the eagle-eyed: Stuntman Damion Poitier was the actor who embodied Thanos the Mad Titan briefly at the tail end of The Avengers, before Josh Brolin took over. In Civil War, Poitier pops up again, this time playing a henchman beside Crossbones.

7. Vision, The (Less-Than-Stylish) Chess Master

Those who know their Marvel Comics will be well acquainted with this classic image of Vision playing chess. Personally, I don't understand the concept of playing chess against oneself, but perhaps for the hyper-intelligent it's a brain stimulant.

Vision, the stylish chess master.
Vision, the stylish chess master.

In a brief scene in Civil War, Vision can be seen doing the very same — although sadly he isn't wearing that very fetching white roll-neck sweater, but a green V-neck monstrosity.

8. The Obligatory Arrested Development Nod

The Russo brothers worked on Arrested Development (possibly the funniest sitcom of the decade) during its original run, and the classic Bluth family stair car can actually be glimpsed on the runway at Leipzig Airport in Civil War. Thankfully, no George Michael in sight.

9. Tony Stark, Futurist

Hawkeye, to my surprise, had some of the best banter in Civil War, including an awesome line where he snarks about Tony Stark being "the great futurist."

Tony Stark, self-appointed futurist.
Tony Stark, self-appointed futurist.

This is a pretty fun callback to some of the more questionable dialogue from a New Avengers: Illuminati issue prior to the original Civil War comic arc, in which Tony carries on about being a futurist in order to justify the Registration Act.

10. War Machine's Armor

War Machine's injury and eventual recovery seem to hint at the introduction to the MCU from the comics of the Stanetech armor. Tony Stark uses Bleeding Edge tech to build the armor necessary to save his friend after Rhodey loses his limbs. Even if you haven't seen the movie it's pretty clear that something bad happens to him judging from the scene shown in nearly every trailer and TV spot.

Here's another angle.

Could War Machine come back considerably more badass in time for Infinity War?

What was your favorite Marvel Easter Egg in Civil War?


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