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Spoilers ahead for Game Of Thrones, Season 6 Episode 3 "Oathbreaker" and R+L=J, albeit not the spoilers we'd all been hoping for.

We were soooo close. On last night's Game Of Thrones, we finally got to see the famous battle between Ned Stark and Howland Reed (i.e., Meera's father) vs. Ser Aurthur Dayne and another member of Aerys Targaryen's Kingsguard right outside the Tower of Joy. Right. Out. Side.

We could even hear a woman screaming up there — presumably Lyanna Stark in the throes of childbirth. For five long seasons, we've been wondering who Jon Snow's real mother is, and the answer was (probably) right up those stairs.

But that doom-and-gloom old Raven wouldn't let us go! Bran begged. He pleaded. He shouted out to the younger version of his father, who almost, almost heard him. But it was to no avail. We still don't know for sure what's up in the tower, or what happened between Ned and Lyanna and baby Jon.

Needless to say, fans are feeling the disappointment:

It's worth a shot, @Renly_B. It's worth a shot.

If you just can't go on this week without knowing what was up in the Tower of Joy, you can always watch this gorgeous fan video. It might not be exactly how it's going to happen in the show, but it will give you all the feels.

And of course, check out the preview for next week's episode of Game Of Thrones, which airs next Sunday, May 15.

We all missed solving the R+L=J theory in this episode, but be sure to check out 7 MORE things you might have missed in Game Of Thrones Season 6, Episode 3 "Oathbreaker."

When do you think we'll find out what's in the Tower of Joy?


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