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With yet another cracking episode of Game of Thrones, we're reduced to waiting another week before we can lay our grubby hands on the next installment. Season 6 has been an absolute dream thus far, and given the content of the promo trailer for Episode 4, "Book of the Stranger" it looks like it'll only get better!

Check out the promo for Episode 4, and then take a look at the breakdown below:

Sunday cannot come soon enough! Right, let's jump in and break it all down:

Sansa, Brienne and Podrick at Castle Black?

With a cold and snowy backdrop it looks as though our traveling trio have made it to the gates of Castle Black. However, with Jon Snow breaking his oath in Episode 3 have the Stark children once again missed each other? Not to mention the potential fallout from Melisandre, Ser Davos and Brienne meeting!

Littlefinger's back!

And not only that, but so is Sweetrobin!

Littlefinger has been missing from our screens since way back in Season 5, Episode 7, and his return in "Book of the Stranger" has been much anticipated. In the quick promo scene it appears as though Petyr Baelish has left King's Landing, and made his way to Runestone where Robin was sent to be fostered by Yohn Royce. With talk of Sansa, it seems as thought Baelish might be trying to arrange protection for her, possibly through asking Robin to rally his bannermen (who include Royce).

Yara and Theon's unhappy reunion

In addition to Sansa arriving at Castle Black it looks like Theon has also made his way to the Iron Islands. I'm not sure exactly how Sansa and Theon have traveled such big distances in so little time, but I'm sure there's some sort of explanation.

Sadly Theon's return to Pyke doesn't look all that joyous with Yara still furious after her failed rescue attempt back in Season 4 (when Theon, living as Reek, refused to leave with her). However with a kingsmoot due to be held following the death of Balon, perhaps Theon's luck will finally change?

Olenna and Cersei teaming up?

With Margaery still imprisoned beneath the Sept of Baelor by the High Sparrow, it seems as though Cersei may have possibly teamed up with her grandmother Olenna in order to have her released; or at least that's what the promo would have us believe.

Have the two united against their shared enemy? After all, Cersei is fast losing control of Tommen and if she makes an ally out of Margaery, perhaps she can still have her son do her biding. Or perhaps, it's all clever editing from the promo team and after the words against the Mountain in Episode 3, could Cersei be gearing up to get rid of the small council (and also Olenna) once and for all.

Jorah and Daario fighting?!

And finally, the promo ends with some clips across the Narrow Sea. First of all, it looks as though Meereen is further suffering under Daenerys's absence, and the question of her return is being demanded of Tyrion. Thankfully those words might have some truth to them, as we see that Jorah and Daario are definitely on Dany's trail, picking that she has been taken to the Temple of the Dosh Khaleen. However after seeing the pair working together, the promo ends with a fight scene involving what looks to be Jorah and Daario. But, why are the pair fighting?

What are you most excited about seeing in Episode 4?


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