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WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 3, and some speculation on what's to come.

After two weeks of receiving a daily battering at the hands of her sadistic abuser the Waif, Arya Stark turned the tables this week on Game of Thrones, not only regaining her sight but making a confession that could be read as a huge foreshadowing of something epic still to come in Season 6.

Back in the day: An uneasy alliance.
Back in the day: An uneasy alliance.

During Season 4, Sandor Clegane, better known as the Hound, met his demise on a hillside after a breathless fight with Brienne of Tarth. Arya claimed that her facially scarred protector was one of the men on her list, but it was pretty obvious she had come to view him as a surrogate father-figure of sorts.

This week, the Waif quizzed "a girl" about the Hound, and her response was pretty illuminating:

Arya: "Arya Stark left him to die. He was on her list. [She reconsiders] He was not on her list anymore."
Waif: "Why? Didn't she want him dead any longer?"
Arya: "She did and she did not."
Waif: "She sounds confused."
Arya: "Yes. She was."

This conversation alone is cause for suspicion, considering that the dead are rarely remembered on Game of Thrones unless somebody is seeking revenge.

But why fixate on the Hound, a character with no real ties to the battle for the Iron Throne, unless he still has a part to play? Bear in mind that we never actually saw him die. Arya simply walked away, probably because, deep down, she didn't actually want to see Clegane die.

The real hint, though, came next, when Arya confesses that Sandor's brother Gregor Clegane, the Mountain, and Cersei Lannister are next on her list. Cersei's "enhanced" bodyguard is now basically the largest man in Westeros, and possibly the only thing keeping her alive. Arya wants them dead. Sandor also had grievances with his brother — he's the one who inflicted his facial disfigurement.

2 + 2 = Gravedigger?

You might think I'm reaching here with the limited information we have — and I have to confess that the Hound was my favorite character — but as we saw with Jon Snow, Bran's visions and this week's flying visit to the Tower of Joy in Dorne, Game of Thrones likes to plant seeds. Everything happens for a reason.

Is the Hound really dead?
Is the Hound really dead?

In the books, several hints are dropped that the Hound survived and now makes a living as a gravedigger at a monastery, where he has supposedly found some kind of inner peace. My prediction: Either Brienne or Arya will chance upon Clegane and persuade him to take out his brother and the queen regent.

In doing so, Arya would forfeit her deal with the Many-Faced God, but maybe it's time she got out of Dodge. There's only so much abuse a girl can take.

Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 4 airs next Sunday on HBO.

Will the Hound return to punish the Mountain and train Arya?


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