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Episode 5 of Fear the Walking Dead has come and gone and can you believe that we're just two weeks away from the mid-season finale!

This week saw the what seemed to be the conclusion of the captive situation involving Alicia and Travis and our new rival group (who are smart), with that brutal prisoner swap over (sorry Reed). meanwhile back on board tensions between Luis and many of the group grew as the pressure to get to Mexico really set in. Plenty was going on this week, and even though there was only one walker (by my count) in the whole episode, there was more than enough action between the living.

But enough of walker counts, take a look at the five things you (might) have missed in Fear the Walking Dead, Episode 5 "Captives."

1. Connor's group got it together FAST

So Connor might have ended up as walker chow by the end of Episode 6, but prior to this his group and their set up served to show just how quickly some people adapted to the new world.

At this point in time in the Walking Dead universe the Atlanta survivor group are doing their best to stay alive, with Glenn going on scavenging missions. Meanwhile across the country Travis, Strand and their group are essentially doing the same. On the flip side, just three weeks after the start of the apocalypse we already see a very established group who are extremely well organized and doing what they need to do to survive.

As we saw when Jack put Alicia to work scanning the radar for vessels to hijack, this group had a method to survival which allowed them not only to expand their group, but also their equipment and supplies. This is something much more sophisticated than anything we've seen in Fear the Walking Dead to date, and even something which is more sophisticated than anything we ever saw in The Walking Dead until Woodbury was introduced in Season 3. Prior to that we definitely saw groups which has formed together (the Atlanta surivors, the Vatos gang etc), but none quite as advanced as Connor's group.

2. Chris is, once again, a massive liability

Just when I thought Chris was coping, he goes and shoots a guy in the head!

The past couple of episodes I really thought Chris had turned a corner in his grief and coping after his mother's death. However then he goes and kills a guy in cold blood. While the group was lucky this time, and his mistake actually worked in their favor, at some stage he's going to put them all in massive danger if he isn't brought under control.

The Walking Dead fans have taken to likening Chris to a Season 1 - 3 Carl-type character, and I can't help but think about how Carl indirectly caused Dale's death back in Season 2. Hopefully with the return of Travis, Chris will chill out and take it down a notch. But there's also the strong possibility that we'll see Fear the Walking Dead mirror its companion show and have the series youngest character accidentally cause the death of another character before the season is out.

3. The prisoner exchange was very similar to a comic storyline

While Chris might have screwed up shooting Reed in the face, fortunately the group were able to use his zombie-fied body to exchange for Travis anyway. While this was a case of quick thinking from Daniel (seriously, that guy is a survivor boss), it was also a nice nod from the writers to a storyline in The Walking Dead comic series!

In Issue 119 a member of Alexandria named Holly, who was captured by Negan's Saviors, was offered back to the group in exchange for Rick's cooperation. The Saviors delivered Holly to the town with a bag over her head, and once Holly was inside the town, Denise removed the bag only to find that Holly was now a zombie. Holly bites Denise's arm and allowing a distraction for Negan and his men. Pretty close to what happened in Fear the Walking Dead right? I'm not entirely sure if this comic arc will ever appear in The Walking Dead TV series due to both Holly and Denise already being dead, so it was a nice that it could at least be included in the companion series.

4. Jack and Alex are gone. For now.

Even though Travis and Alicia escaping from Connor's group (and leaving many of them dead), there's no doubt that we're going to see Alex and Jack return at some point in the future. But, given that Alex's companion Jake died of his injuries after being cut loose from the Abigail, and Alicia abandoned Jack to go back to her family, when the two groups eventually meet again, I doubt it will be a very pleasant reunion.

But despite all of this, is there still a possibility that one day the two groups could combine to make a super group? To be honest it would be a formidable alliance - Alex is clearly a very capable survivor, and Jack has skills of his own to bring to that table. It might take some crazy circumstances to get these two parties to trust each other again, but then again this is the apocalypse so I guess anything could happen. What do you think?

5. Is Connor definitely dead?

Alright I said early that Connor became walker chow, and there's absolutely no denying that - but does that mean that he's definitely dead?

Even though it's early on in the apocalypse, this group is clearly smart, and perhaps they know enough to quickly amputate Connor's arm and prevent the spread of infection. We know that his name was marked with a question mark in the 'In Memoriam' segment on Talking Dead, so is this confirmation enough that along with Alex and Jack, we can expect to see Connor pursue our group, dead set on revenge. Could it even be the stuff that mid-season finales are made of? I guess we'll find out in just two weeks!

Fear the Walking Dead returns with Episode 6, "Sicut Cervus" on Sunday, May 15.

What was your favorite part of Episode 5?


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