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We can't stop and we won't stop speculating about whether Miley Cyrus and her one-time fiancé Liam Hemsworth are back together for good, but now there seems to be some new evidence for us to doggedly examine.

Even before engagement ring-gate, dedicated "Miam" shippers looked into the fact that Miley had helped her supposedly ex-boyfriend choose his perfect pooch, and now that very same dog (Dora, if you want to be on first name terms) is coughing up more clues about Liam and Miley's state of togetherness.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the other gloriously shaggy female in Hemsworth's life, here's a snap of Dora in all of her colossal, crimped glory in the image below:

And now, here is Miley snuggled up in bed with one of the gorgeous creatures from the image above, in a snap she shared on her Instagram account:

It doesn't take a dog detective to realize that this is definitely the same hound, and while a bit of casual dogsitting (especially when you have a garden like Miley's) doesn't conclusively prove that Dora's owner and Cyrus are back together, it certainly shows they are spending quite a lot of time together. True love lives!

Do you think that Miley and Liam are back together?

(Source: Seventeen)


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