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The Kardashians appear to be aspiring to a British royal family-style of rule where everyone is related to each other somehow, and would-be "Angela Kardashian," a.k.a Blac Chyna's baby, is already tangled in a web within the infamous reality fam.

The Kardashian family "rat king" is as knotted as your headphone wires after a silent disco right now, so if you need some help unraveling exactly how everyone is bound together, The Skimm has made a helpful flow chart.

So basically, Rob is Kylie's half-brother and his lil sis is dating Tyga, Blac Chyna's ex and the father of King, her first baby.

This means that once Rob and Blac get hitched and if Kylie and Tyga stay together long enough to get married, things get pretty complicated. Kylie would end up being King's stepmother and the latest unborn Kardashian's half-aunt. Tyga would be the uncle of his son's half-sibling.

While this might be a pretty unorthodox family arrangement, the Kardashian klan are totally used to this sort of shit going down and they have all been seemingly supportive of Rob's baby news.

Kylie, Kim and Tyga all liked the image that Chyna used to announce her pregnancy as you can see in the screencaps below:

While it might not be the most orthodox family situ ever, in the illustrious words of pre-lip Kylie:

Amen, sister!

Is the Kardashian web getting too tangled to handle?

(Source: The Skimm)


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