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Did you remember to wish your mom a happy Mother's Day? These celebs sure did. They took to social media to share their love with the whole world. Their posts are full of jokes, throwback photos, gratitude and lots and lots of love.

Check them out here, and leave your favorites in the comments! :)

Justin Bieber made the whole crowd give a shout out to his mom:

And then his mom reassured the worried fans that Justin did in fact remember what day it was:

The Kardashian girls showed Kris some love:

And for the rest of their klan:

And Kylie posted this weird cropping:

Chris Pratt praised his adorable wife, Anna Faris, and his own mother:

The Rock shared this throwback:

And so did Gigi Hadid:

Ben Affleck loves his mom the most:

And Chris Rock's mom has the coolest name:

Lucy and the little Liu are too cute for words:

Vin Diesel made this gorgeous collage:

And added a few kind words to go with it:

Mark Ruffalo got political:

Ryan Reynolds was typical Ryan Reynolds:

Zoe Saldana wrote this touching caption for her mom and grandmother:

And Zach Braff appreciated the biological aspects of the whole thing:

What was your favorite Mother's Day greeting?


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