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** Warning: This post includes some Civil War spoilers **

Captain America: Civil War vibrantly ushered us into Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and introduced us to some exciting new characters in the process, including the rebooted Spider-Man and the first live action appearance of Black Panther.

But, despite the performances of Tom Holland and Chadwick Boseman, there are more ass-kicking superheroes out there who didn't make the cut. I'm looking at you, Charlie Cox, star of the Daredevil Netflix series and one of Marvel's grittiest and raw crime-fighting characters.

Why Did Stark Choose Spider-Man?

In Civil War, Peter Parker becomes part of Team Iron Man after Tony Stark pays him a visit, impressed by a collection of hard-to-believe videos he has discovered on YouTube. Admittedly, Parker is a complete badass, but why did Stark approach the fresh-faced teen instead of the battle-hardened Murdock?

Well, in an interview with IGN, Civil War screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely explained why Iron Man chose the option he did. Markus said:

"I think, he's been keeping tabs on the world, and he knows about this one kid. I think in some ways, there's a motivation having been accused of killing a young kid earlier in the movie to 'Maybe I can rebuild karmically some of what I've lost by helping this kid along.' And he's there, and he's available. And Tony's desperate."

While McFeely added:

"He probably sees some of himself in this kid."

Is Stark The New Nick Fury?

Stark and Nick Fury (Credit: Disney Studios)
Stark and Nick Fury (Credit: Disney Studios)

It's an interesting concept; in the scene at the beginning of the film, Stark is stunned when he meets the mother of a boy killed in crossfire during the Age of Ultron battle in Sokovia. But would that motivate him to draw in another teen into the superhero conflict?

Undoubtedly, Spidey's skills were essential for the task at hand. As well as super strength, Stark utilized Parker's webbing ability in an attempt to restrain Captain America and his team in the big showdown.

But his inclusion does raise two more questions: Firstly, will we ever see the Marvel Television superheroes make the transition to the big screen? And secondly, do the events of Civil War suggest Stark is evolving into a new Nick Fury-esque recruiter?

Stark's team in Civil War (Credit: Disney Studios)
Stark's team in Civil War (Credit: Disney Studios)

Captain America: Civil War is in theaters. Now. NOW!

Would you have liked to have seen Daredevil in Civil War?

Source: IGN


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